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Are you getting bitten at night? Finding blood spots on the sheets?  
If so you may have bed bugs and we have the solution: Henley Pest Control is a local family run company that can deal with your insect problem; bed bug infestations are on the increase and becoming more difficult to eradicate due to chemical resistance.  
As we travel further a field on holiday or for business, we are exposed to bed bug infestations and different strains of these bugs, if you stay in an infested property they'll hitchhike home along with you and we see a rapid rise in call outs for bed bug treatments in September and October. 
We have over 18 years of experience in pest control and our approach to exterminating bed bugs always involves the use of high temperatures - we use heat that takes the bugs through their thermal death point. 180 degree Celsius steam or 60 degree Celsius dry heat along with cutting edge chemicals. 
Bed bugs on skin

Effective bed bug control in Marlow 

The thermal death point 
All forms of life have what is called the thermal death point or TDP; and for bed bugs the TDP is around 44 to 45 degrees Celsius and their eggs just slightly higher at 48 to 50 degrees, this means when you take the temperature above that TDP - the insects die. 
Here at Henley Pest Control we always use some form of heat when we carryout a treatment a bed bug infestations, we start with a portable steamer that can generate a plume of super heated steam at 180 degrees Celsius and then we follow up with chemicals or, we can go straight to heat by installing portable electric heaters to raise the entire room temperature to 60 degrees Celsius. 
Bed bugs on trap

Total bed bug control in Marlow 

Bed bugs are prolific egg layers and these will be deposited close to where they feed; usually hotels beds - its never a good idea to store your luggage under the bed as one of our customers found. 
Bed bugs are increasingly being found on public transport: buses, trains and aircraft so it maybe impossible to avoid them. Bed bugs are not associated with dirty people or squalid conditions, there maybe a link to the lack of hygiene and increased levels of infestation but in our experience you can pick these bloodsuckers up wherever you go. 
If you discover that you have bed bugs don't delay in seeking professional help, there are a range of amateur products on the market and the hazard with using these are that you may just flush them from one area to another. 
A bed bug infestation disturbs sleep, increases levels of anxiety and can lead to physiological problems, these can be avoided by taking early action - look for shed insect shells and blood spots as some people do not have a reaction to getting bitten. The problem manifests itself with their partner or other people sharing the house. 
Able to survive for over nine months without feeding these insects are formidable and a professional approach is the only way to get rid of these unwanted holiday souvenir's. 
Thorough and immediate action is required 

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