Mole catching in Marlow from a local company 

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Finding molehills in your lawn every morning? Fed up with moles in your flowerbeds?  
Then look no further, here at Henley Pest Control we are expert mole catchers who can rid you of you moley pest within 24 hours - we work on a no catch the no fee basis, why? Because we know we can catch

No catch no fee mole control in Marlow 

Never pay up front for mole catching! 
Moles are clever creatures, not are they supremely adapted for a subterranean lifestyle they will only work an area to a certain point. They seem to know the importance of leaving enough worms and invertebrates behind to restart the ground rather than strip it bare of all resources - we could learn a thing or two of moles! 
Here at Henley Pest Control we recognise and salute the mole and we only charge on the results of our trapping; in poor ground the mole may move off fairly quickly for pastures new so if we don't catch then you don't get the bill. 
No-one can say for certain where the mole is and where the mole is going to next; its seems a fair system to me to expect to pay on results - plus, how do you know that your mole catcher knows what he's doing? 
I mean, you can't see underground so how do you know? 
Mole in the ground

Mole control in Marlow - three times a day 

The mole lives a very precarious life; with almost no body fat to support it through the lean times a mole lives life every eight hours - four hours feeding followed by four hours resting, so 24 hours is three complete mole days. 
When we set our traps we like to inspect these within 24 hours; Mr or Mrs Mole would have the opportunity to pass through the trap three times in that period - we've caught moles in twenty minutes before! 
We work on a cycle - trapping, catching and then leaving the traps down for a week to see if another mole enters the territory, moles are seasonal creatures with busy periods in January and February when its breeding season followed by the busy period when mother mole drives her young away from her territory in June and July. 
It doesn't matter where or when at Henley Pest Control we offer a first class mole catching service based on no catch no fee, from a small lawn to a large country estate - if you've got moles then we've got the expertise. 

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