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Feral pigeons were once domesticated, kept in bird coops and used as a source of food; this close association with man means that unlike other birds pigeons are still dependant on man for their food.  
They'll eat seed when its available but their main source of food is what we throw out for them. Well meaning people will take bread to parks and open spaces to feed the birds completely unaware that the birds are causing misery for people elsewhere and this is where the problem with pigeons starts. 
Pigeons will eat just about anything that we would consider rubbish, this food is stored in the birds crop and partially digested, the slurry of food forms a 'milk' which is then fed to the birds chicks.  
Unlike birds that depend on a supply of insects for their young, pigeons can rear their young all year round and given a dry protected nest site then they can have up to eight broods a year. Laying a pair of egg's one pair of pigeons can produce a further sixteen birds; these will become sexually mature at six months old. 
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There are other factor's that makes pigeons so successful; whilst other species have the habit of the young birds fledging and leaving the nest early, pigeons keep their young in the nest until the flight feathers are fully formed.  
Feral pigeons will nest somewhere near human habitat meaning that our presence protects the nest making it the safest place for a young bird, the other habit of these birds is that they are monogamous, pairs mate for life and both the male and female look after the brood - whether we like them or not pigeons have some admirable qualities. 
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When we talk about birds roosting and nesting we use the term pressure to describe the situation: 
Light pressure is where birds rest on a building due to its location, they don't roost overnight and there are no nests. Pigeons in this scenario will be relatively easy to displace as there is no attachment to the site. 
Medium pressure is where birds are roosting overnight; the building offers some degree of protection but not enough for the birds to nest. Medium pressure also describes a site where a flock has just turned up, they will begin nesting soon but at the moment they are just settling in, these type of areas are still relatively easy to shift the birds off. 
High pressure: birds are nesting here and the area will need some intensive work to prevent the birds from returning. Sites that are under heavy pressure will probably requires some form of guano cleaning as well as proofing. The birds see this area as their home and they may stay in the area for up to several weeks until another site is found. 
Bird Netting 
Netting is a great system for covering large areas and creating a barrier that the birds cannot get through. The most effective way for dealing with high pressure situations. 
Bird Post and Wire 
A tensioned wire is strung between metal posts, this is used for long stretches such as ledges and window recesses; only effective in preventing the birds from perching. 
Bird Spikes 
We use stainless steel spikes to act as a perching deterrent; suitable for where birds perch but are unable to nest. Suitable for medium pressure but not high as birds will nest in the crown. 
Optical Gel 
Birds see in the ultraviolet spectrum and these optical gels mimic the appearance of fire - suitable for building signs and areas that require an unobtrusive deterrent. 
Trapping and Culling 
We can offer a service of trapping and culling out the flock but this must be done only as a last resort, under the General License we have to show that other means have been tried. 
Wire Mesh 
Pigeons nesting under solar panels has become a recent problem and we clean up their mess and run a mesh skirt under the panels to barrier the void that they're attracted to.  
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Solar panel proofing 

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Solar panel proofing

Bird Control for the Commercial Sector   

Pigeons cause a lot of mess; they build their nests from twigs and rubbish picked up in the area and bind it will their droppings. As they nest in an area continuously this matter quickly builds up to form a dense mat and becomes a serious health hazard. 
Bird guano is very moist, it contains live bacteria and viruses - salmonella is just one organism's found in this nutrient rich mass and this can cause serious illness to those contaminated by the droppings. Another hazard from the guano comes from fungus that grows in this mat of faeces; when inhaled this can cause significant problems for the respiratory system and airborne spores can even lead to skin complaints. 
As a business owner you are obliged to keep the workplace safe for your staff, having pigeons nesting on your property can cause you unwanted issues and ultimately; costs from sickness and maintenance. 
Pigeon guano is also highly acidic and this material is eating away at paintwork, metal, stone and concrete; all of which leads to increased maintenance costs. 
We are licensed waste carriers and we can safely remove all of this material and prevent the birds from returning to the site; bird guano is considered as hazardous waste and we work with specialist waste contractors. Bird guano cannot be put in normal waste bins. 
Click on this link to visit the Health and Safety Executive's webpage on the hazards of bird guano: 
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