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Bird control and guano cleaning from a local company 
Pigeons seem drawn to balconies, these lofty perches resemble cliff faces from where the birds first originated and when they are protected from the rain, the balcony makes an ideal nest site. We have heard of people leaving for a couple of weeks holiday to return and find that not only have the birds moved in and built a nest but the egg's have hatched already and the parents are fearless in defending their young. 
Pigeons produce an enormous amount of waste and this scenario rapidly spins out of control; if you leave the birds the area will become heavily contaminated with bird feaces, other pigeons may arrive and start building additional nests and due to the nature of the birds you'll probably find two adult birds have become four and there are egg's back in the nest. 
We look to provide a non-lethal solution to any pigeon problem which is a requirement under the general license (GL) that is issued allowing for us to destroy pigeons. Occasionally we have no choice and it is legal to remove a nest under the scope of the GL if it can be shown that the actions were lawful; with pigeons nesting close to human habitation there is a high risk to health and so any action taken by ourselves meets this criteria and you are safe in the knowledge that we would have done anything other than destroy the birds. 
Read more about pigeon control and the Law at the RSPB website 

Balcony cleaning in Henley-on-Thames 

We carryout a comprehensive balcony cleaning service in Henley, Marlow and Maidenhead as these towns all sit on the banks of the River Thames and have high pigeon populations. All the nest material is removed and the feaces are scraped up; if the sub-base is constructed from wooden decking depending on the age of the wood and the amount of time that the birds have been on the balcony this may need replacing. The guano is highly acidic and leeches out the moisture and oil in the wood leaving it dry and brittle - we can replace these decks as part of our service if required. 
Once the mess has been removed we can fix a net over the balcony to stop the birds from returning and starting the cycle again, the last thing we do is to spray the area with a biocide to kill off any possible remaining bacteria or viruses; you now have your outdoor space back. 
Examples of our balcony cleaning from Henley Pest Control 
Dirty balcony
Clean balcony
Dirty balcony
Clean balcony

Bird Cleaning and Netting for the Commercial Sector   

As an employer you have a duty of care to your staff to ensure that the workplace is a safe and clean environment; we have worked in car garages, warehouses and unused rooms like lift motor rooms where pigeons have created a mess. 
There are many harmful organisms associated with bird droppings and one of the most common problems is that the deposited feaces are very slippery; once a pair have started nesting the area beneath quickly becomes covered in droppings. 
Roof beams, racking and internal ledges all make ideal places for the birds and the area below becomes hazardous. We remove the material, clean up the mess and see what can be done to deter the birds from coming back. 
We use stainless steel spikes, bird nets and optical devices to deny the birds the use of the area and this maybe enough to move them out of your building and onto someplace else leaving you with a safe workplace. 
With unused rooms like the lift motor room all it takes is for a window to blow open and as these places are only visited occasionally it'll be too late by the time you realise that the birds have moved in - whatever the problem and wherever - we have the solution to your bird problems. 
Click on this link to visit the Health and Safety Executive's webpage on the hazards of bird guano: 
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