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This is the time of year when we get the maximum amount of call outs for bed bug control; sadly as a result of the summer holidays and exotic travel. 
Bed bugs have been living off mankind for thousands of years and most people have never encountered these insects, with the rise in foreign travel and the rise of the 'global village' its only natural that we will be more exposed to these and that we run the risk of picking them up. 
There are two strains of bed bugs that we have: the short haul ones and the long haul as I like to call them, short haul are Cimex lectularius; the common bed bug. 
Generally a reddish brown in color and similar is size to an apple pip, these are found worldwide and adapt easily to the human environment being spread all over the affected rooms.  
The long haul bed bug is really just the tropical type: Cimex hemipterus and these originate from America, Africa and Asia - both of these insects show up in higher numbers around August and September as a result of your overseas trip. 
Here at Henley Pest Control we monitor the research coming out about bed bugs as we are seeing resistant strains which are becoming harder to treat. 
The insects are treated worldwide with a variety of chemicals and the result of this is a certain strain known as the haplotype B KDR resistance strain survives standard treatments from chemicals alone. 
In order to combat this we always start our treatments with the application of super heated steam direct to the harbourage area, steam at 180 degress centigrade wipes out the adult bugs, the nymphs and the eggs. 
Bed bugs hiding
We follow up the steam application with the second part of the treatment - chemicals. We us a chemical that has two active ingrediants along with an insect growth hormone which in itself does not kill the insects but prevents them from moulting. 
Insects have to shed their 'skin' or exoskeleton as part of their growth cycle and preventing this moulting stops the insects from reaching sexual maturity. 
I would say that bed bugs are going to take the title as the Number 1 Pest in the 21st Century and eventually the only method of control will be to use high temperatures to push the bugs into their thermal death point - the temperature at which they cannot survive. 
At Henley Pest Control we use steam and chemicals as a first strike if this fails due to a resisitant strain then we can bring in portable electric heaters and raise the temperatures high enough to kill all of them. 
As we raise the temperature through 44 degrees centigrade the adults and the numphs die off first, we need a few more degrees to destroy the egg's and to ensure that the temperature is raised in areas like inside the mattress we take it to 60 degrees centigrade killing everything in the room. 
No more bed bugs and a good nights sleep! 
If you have bed bugs you may not react as some people don't, the presence of a musty smell like a damp towel, blood spots on the edge of the mattress and discarded skins are the signs that you have an infestation. Don't waste time and money bying products as these may flush the bugs away from their current infestation site across a greater area infesting more rooms. 
Call out a professional pest control company and ask for a heat / chemical treatement. 
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