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Business owners and managers are busy enough with the day to day running of the operation and don't need the hassle and the worry from those type of incidents that 'blindside' us once in a while - a problem with cockroaches in a kitchen or rats in the office; these are the type of problems that should be handled by the professionals and these are the type of things that we handle here at Henley Pest Control. 
We provide low cost monitoring contracts to all businesses, big or small, food related or not; if you run a business then you don't need the stress of dealing with pests on top of everything else. We look out for issues with rodents - rats, mice and squirrels along with all the insects pests and we provide a pigeon control service - cleaning up, removing the waste and installing deterrents to keep the birds off the building - when it comes to pests we've got it sorted. 
When its rodents as pests we provide a system of routine visits to survey the site, we use secure bait stations that contain either a non-toxic compound if things are quiet or rodenticide when activity is detected. 
We work on a system called Integrated Pest Management so we provide a fuller more comprehensive service - we look not just at our bait stations but the state of the buildings, the environment and the risk. 
Buildings - we make small, ongoing repairs to the fabric of the building; as age takes its toll and accidents cause damage we look at what we can actively do to keep the building secure. 
Environment - keeping the internal area free from rodents depends very much on whats happening outside; we can cut back vegetation that poses a risk because all rodents can easily climb these and access through roofs. We also have the ability to take away waste keeping the environment free from junk - something that rats love. 
Risks - Additional storage solutions can bring in risks as these are often metal shipping containers with a large void underneath. This area is ideal for rats as they tend to live in the ground in dry, sheltered soil. 
Rat eating chocolate

Do you need a pest control monitoring contract in Henley on Thames? 

The simple answer is probably yes you do! Running a business these days is largely about compliance with regulations and legislation; fail to meet your responsibilities means that you may end up liable and so we offer low cost monitoring to help you meet these obligations. 
For businesses in the food sector - storage, manufacturing and retail then yes definitely you do need pest control monitoring; there are requirements under the Food Safety Act and the Hygiene Regulations to have a safe and clean workplace, having a monitoring contract can help meet the requirements of these regulations and together with IPM we can prevent a problem long before its starts. 
As a business owner and a responsible person you are required to act with due diligence in matters to pests and hygiene, if you are found to have a problem by the local Environmental Health Team and you do not have pest control then you may find yourself in an undependable position - if a pest control company is actively trying to resolve the situation and have produced written reports for you, then you can defend yourself. 
Under Health and Safety rules workplaces have to be just that; safe from harm and a healthy place to be - pests present themselves in many ways: pigeons deposit guano making the pavements and walkways slippery and the build up of pigeon poo is a serious health hazard in itself. Rats carry diseases and so do mice; they can carry the salmonella bacteria which we all know can be hazardous, what better way to ensure a safe working place than use a professional pest control company? 
We deal with all types of pests in Henley on Thames - insects through the rodents and even birds, as licensed waste carriers we will clean up and remove contaminated items like loft insulation, contents of rooms and junk.  
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