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Here at Henley Pest Control we carryout a lot of bird proofing work - domestic properties through to commercial and industrial. 
We recently installed netting at Marlow Water Sports Hub. 
Pigeons prove to be a serious problem for building owners all over Henley and Marlow; once a flock moves onto a site they will be very hard to dislodge and the best means of getting rid of them is to physically barrier them off from the site. 
This is the Marlow Water Sports Hun situated just by the bridge; the bridge undercroft and close access to a water supply, the park and the town centre means that this is a fantastic site for the birds. 
A sizable flock of pigeons had taken up a roost around and beneath the air conditioning units - a hazard to AC Engineers when they need to service the machines. 
Pigeons carry alot of harmful viruses and bacteria and this is found in their guano (poo), the birds don't suffer any ill effects but on this mezzanine they had deposited about three inches of poo as a solid mat, along with nesting material and a couple of dead birds. 
The AC units were incrusted in fecal matter and the wiring and exposed copper pipework was becoming corroded through the acid in the filth. 
Anyone who owns a car knows the problems posed by bird poo 'liming' the car paint work but the acids contained will disolve metal and and stone by leaching minerals. 
Our approach was to fix a net on a wire support over the mezzanine preventing the birds from reaching the roost, one complecation was that we couldn't drill into the rendered wall of the building as we would usually do - you may notice the sign was taken down so we could utilise its fixing points. 
The site was then dug out by hand, all the guano was removed from under and on the machinery and taken away from the site and finally we washed the area down with a powerful biocide. 
A clean safe working environment and one that will keep the AC units working for longer - bird netting the best away to say "Bye bye birds". 
Bird netting in Marlow
Whether a water sports centre or a domestic house where pigeons have started to roost under rooftop PV panels, here at Henley Pest Control we can advise you and install the most effective prevention method from bird spikes, netting and wire mesh that surrounds the PV panels. 
Don't let pigeons ruin your building, with professional pest control you can wave good bye to the problem - for good! 
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