Pigeon on nest
Pigeons are a bit like Marmite in that you either love them or hate them and in the case of a recent job done by us it's definitely the latter of the two sentiments for the buildings owners. 
Pigeons were nesting in the architecture of a gable end on the front aspect of a estates agents building; the birds were messing onto prospective buyers when window shopping and the pavements were covered in a sticky build up of guano which can be slippery and generally becomes a horrible mess. 
The last thing that anyone wants when trying to bring customers to a shop front. 
Due to the height and its location a cherry picker was used for access to the area; working on a pedestrian footpath on long ladders is not a safe system of work. 
A previous attempt at bird control from another pest control company had failed due to the nature and degree of the infestation. 
They had installed spikes on horizontal surfaces and pigeons will use these to actually build their nests within the spike frame. 
Once the birds start to build nests in an area, spiking won't work and the only way to deter them is to install a physical barrier preventing them from gaining access to the site. 
We removed all the deposits of guano from the ledge above the window with the arch, took away the two nests and then installed a net across the bay window. 
By far the most effective way to prevent pigeons from roosting and nesting on a property and by using a translucent net we minimise the visual impact from both sides of the netting. 
The windows will still be able to be opened and we have run all the way down to the flat roof to stop the birds from building nests beneath the overhang, two pairs of nesting birds were chased off and although they will remain in the area for a couple of days they will soon move off and begin the cycle of nest building elsewhere. Pigeons do not have a set breeding season and if given protection from the elements they will raise another brood within weeks and continue through the year. 
Don't let pigeons ruin your business or create a hazardous work place, here at Henley Pest Control we carryout bird proofing to prevent nesting and roosting all the time, its a cost effective way to keep buildings clean and safe and we work on both domestic properties, typically balconies and many businesses right across the South East of England. 
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