Rats are the most common pest that we deal with, these elusive creatures have a variety of special skills that allow them to exploit any fault and get access to the interior of a building; one of these is having teeth that are harder than steel. 
Rats have strong front incisors that curve over the front of each other just like a pair of scissors, there are four teeth that makeup the set with the upper pair being the shortest. These are around 4mm in length with the lower pair measuring about 7mm, these incisors are specialised for gnawing and are known as open footed - the will continue to grow throughout the rats life meaning as the teeth wear out fresh material is being pushed up out of the gums. 
Rats teeth are worn away through gnawing and through the process of bruxing; bruxing is where the rat grinds the edges against each other sharpening the tip and filing down the length. 
The measurement for hardness is done on Mohs Hardness Scale, for comparison diamond comes in at 10, copper at 3 and glass at 5.5. Human teeth are 5 on the scale with rats teeth coming in at 5.5 which is the same as glass. 
What this means to us is that rats will use these incredibly sharp teeth as weapons against our buildings infrastructure - modern waste pipes are constructed from plastic.  
Plastic is cheap to manufacture, flexible and able to withstand flexing and impact, plastic is now the only material in use for drainage. 
If rats have teeth that are sharp and as hard as glass you can see who the damage in the picture occurs and how difficult it is for us to stop this. 
Rats love to gnaw, the do it as part of their territory marking and just for the hell of it, this was a chamber junction beneath a floor in a house in Henley. 
Pipe opened up by rats
Fortunately for us we could move the furniture out, roll back the carpets and lift the floor boards up to access the junction, we then boxed this is and sealed the chamber with metal plates and backfilled the whole lot with waterproof cement. A temporary repair but one that will last for several years allowing the owners to carryout major changes to the ground floor and relocate the drains outside of a newly planned extension. 
When it comes to rats we don't just put down poison and leave it at that, given what we know about rats there has got to be an answer to every infestation and that is what we look for at Henley Pest Control. Our aim is to find the entrance point and once we've got that we can seal it, keeping your home secure and the rats outside. 
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