Wasp on a glass rim
Wasps are a summertime pest as everyone knows and at this time of year we are starting to notice them as numbers increase, we have footage of a wasp nest treated in Wargrave this week. 
This wasp nest is in its infancy: started by the Queen several months ago after coming out from hibernation. In the early stages she is responsible for building the nest, laying eggs and foraging for food – you can often see small golf ball size nests hanging from the inside roof of sheds where it has all been too much and she has died. As the nest develops the first drones emerge and start foraging bringing in more insects; a greater food supply means more energy for the Queen which results in more egg laying. The growth of the wasp nest is expediential: in this nest we can see numbers increase rapidly going from around 25 flying drones that have pupated and hatched to 118 closed cells. Those closed cells hold larvae in transition from pupa to drone – you can see one is cutting her way out on the left. 
If left untreated the growth of this nest will continue, by mid summer the numbers could be in their thousands and at its peak its possible to see wasp nests with around 10,000 to 15,000 wasps flying out. We deal with wasps and hornets in Henley and the surrounding area – our treatments are guaranteed and we look to have a technician with you within 24 hours of call. 01491 902028 
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