Here at Henley Pest Control we get called out to a lot of suspected wasp nests and wasp infestations, where the actual insect is nothing more than a harmless hoverfly. Hoverflies don't present a hazard and are great examples of insects that disguises itself for protection from predators. 
The first thing you notice is a flash of yellow and black and a slight buzz, to the untrained eye it looks like a wasp and that is exactly what this harmless fly wants you to think. In this case its the marmalade hoverfly and one of the most common hoverflies in the area. 
In the Uk there are over 260 species of hoverfly, important pollinators who use their powers to deceive you into thinking they are in fact a wasp. Some hoverflies mimic hornets to deceive predators that they too have a sting in the tail. 
Around the Henley area we have about 90 different species, these insects are important pollinators and not a threat to us. 
Here at Henley Pest Control we will treat wasps and hornets; pollinators like the hoverfly, bumble bees and honey bees we will not treat. Education and re-homing is the key for dealing with bee’s, after all we depend on their industrious nature for the food that we eat. 
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