The autumn is coming in and all animals start preparing themselves for the lean times ahead, squirrels hoard nuts and moles will bite into a worm, paralysing it and cache these in part of their tunnels -this means that there's a lot of digging going on and a hole lot of trouble for gardeners. 
Moles live a hectic lifestyle, with almost no body fat they spend around four hours frantically feeding on grubs and worms and then they sleep for a similar period, all this activity means that you can go to bed with a pristine lawn and wake up to find several molehills scattered about. 
Here at Henley Pest Control we only use traditional breakback traps for mole catching; we don't use poisonous gases because there is no movement of air underground and so no guarantee that you've killed the mole. 
As mole territories overlap with each other its very common to catch a mole in a garden on one week to find another mole has then taken over the empty tunnels and starts digging away in the second week. 
We like to catch the animal and prove to the customer that we've caught their mole, we then leave the traps down for a period as a guarantee - if we catch more moles then the traps stay down. 
Moles live in isolation from one another so often its the case thats theres just the one mole in the area. 
We work on a basis of no catch means no fee; I don't believe that you should ever pay for a failure to serve, with moles it maybe that someone working elsewhere has caught the mole - thats happened to me and I've done that to another pest controller working in the garden next door. 
It maybe that the mole has just moved off the area, this usually happens because the ground is to poor in insect life and the energy expended digging is just not worth it to the mole, either way when you choose Henley Pest Control to catch your mole you only pay for the results. 
This was a job in Marlow, now completed and the gardens been mole free for over seven days so we're good to go. 
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