Pigeons rapidly move into any void or derelict site, especially in town centres like Henley: good access to water supplies, large crowds eating and drinking on the move means that quiet forgotten places soon become home to a feral pigeon flock. 
Guano in Henley
Its not unusual for feral pigeons to move onto a site within hours of either a door left open or just a closed down business, any rubbish that provides cover will soon become home to a nest and a young brood of pigeons. Flock sizes are on the increase across the area due to the cost of control and modern structures such as solar panels rigs giving the birds a new place to roost. 
At Henley Pest Control we deal with all types of bird control work up from small domestic balconies that require cleaning and the instalaltion of a bird proof net, fixing wire mesh around solar panel rigs and installing large net systems over roof top plant on large commercial buildings. 
We install spikes systems as well as nets, chimney cowls and fire gel which uses reflected UV to fool the birds into thinking that they are pots of fire. 
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