Squirrel on tree
The North American grey squirrel has two separate breeding seasons each year and coupled with little fear of humans, the grey squirrel rapidly becomes a pest across Henley on Thames, happy to live alongside us and sometimes in our homes. The grey squirrel is equipped with extremely powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth, they will gnaw their way into a loft amid a trail of chaos: noisy, destructive, messy (sounds like a teenager!), they chew on stored items and leave fleas, urine and faeces all over the loft.. 
Here at Henley Pest Control we do not use poison on squirrels: we never resort to the use of poison inside a building unless as a last resort. Any poisoned animals whether they're rats, mice or squirrels will die inside the property and as they decompose they attract carrion flies. They lay eggs on the bodies and in time these turn into maggots which means that your initial rodent problem now becomes one of flies and maggots as well. 
Our approach for all internal rodent control is to start with trapping, we are highly successful with regards to trapping and we rarely use poison as a result - it may take longer but we feel as a service delivery, its a better standard of pest control. We trap and remove your squirrels and then we look to see if we can seal up the access point. Although they are able to run straight up a brick wall, usually squirrels use a nearby tree to access the property, with an arboreal nature they can jump over five times their body length, so as part of our squirrel control service, we will try to cut back that aerial bridge if we can. 
Here at Henley Pest Control we take on all species of pest, not just squirrels and when it comes to the rodent species, we work on the principal of Integrated Pest Management: first we eradicate the pest, then we look to proof your property so that they cannot get back in, leaving you pest free. 
January through to March we see a rise in squirrel call outs all to homes all over Henley, Shiplake and Marlow as the females make ready to give birth to their first litter - we offer same day attendance and proofing to prevent re occurrence. 
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