Mole catching service for Wargrave and Sonning 

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I started out mole catching back in the 1980's when working on a farm down in Hurley and here at Henley Pest Control we still carryout mole catching on a no catch no fee basis, when it comes to trapping moles in Wargrave we only use the traditional style of breakback traps and as we work on proven results you only get the bill for those moles that we catch. 
Moles are amazing creatures and surperbly adapted to a life below ground, rarely seen although they make their presense known! Mole hills will ruin a ,lawn as do the tunnels created by the movement of moles. On agricultural ground mole tunnels can pose a hazard to large animals like horses and if soil is pulling up into the silage bails in a hay field, bacteria contained within the soil can spoil the bale. 
We carryout mole catching on small domestic lawns, large estates and on farm land and equestrian centres - no job too small and no job too large. You only pay for results. 

Mole control in Wargrave and Sonning 

Here at Henley Pest Control we only charge you when we catch your mole; some pest control companies insist on payment up front which seems stupid if they can't or don't catch. 
No catch = no fee, if this the type of service that you want, then give us a call? 
Have you got moles that you want rid off? More information available on our website - click here. 
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