Professional Pest Control Monitoring in Henley 

When you’re in charge of running a business there’s enough to do without trying to manage those ‘unforeseen scenarios’ and having an infestation of rats running around inside a warehouse or mice in the office are the type of things that we take care off. No matter what type of business or its size, when you choose Henley Pest Control to provide you with a monitoring contract you can rely on us to manage any potential pests. 
Our aim is to take care of everything pest related for you, if you have an issue with pigeons roosting on a building then we can install netting to keep them away from the site, if they have deposited feces and old nesting material, then we can clean up these contaminated areas to keep the workplace safe and a healthy place to be. 
When it comes to the more common problem of having rodent pests like rats and mice, we provide a system of routine visits using strategically placed secure bait stations to monitor and control the situation, we also practice Integrated Pest Management. 
IPM is a system that works to maintain your properties integrity, actively preventing an infestation before the monitoring picks it up. What it means is that we do more than just check our boxes, here at Henley Pest Control we look at the buildings, the overall environment in and round your site and any potential risks which may increase the chance of a future infestation. 
IPM is far more effective in controlling pests than merely checking boxes. 
How Integrated Pest Management works: 
The buildings – We make small routine repairs where necessary, on our inspections we are looking for things like a broken air brick that can allow mice to enter, and things like rotten exterior doors that will allow easy access to a rat. Small repairs add up over time meaning the integrity of the building is maintained keeping your premises pest free. 
The site – We look at the entire site, buildings and grounds to see what needs doing to keep the internal areas pest free. Things like overhanging vegetation can be cut away from the buildings to stop rodents, especially mice from climbing up onto the roof. Mice have the ability to worm their way through a gap the size of your little finger and the roof is often an easy access point for all rodents and something which we look closely at. 
The risks – Metal containers can be bought into an area as a storage solution and the void area beneath can be an ideal place for rats so we will bait under the container to prevent rodents from moving in. We also have the waste carriers license and capability to remove waste, if old pallets are piling up along with any redundant items, we can remove these reducing harbourage and lowering the risk of rodents. 
Do you think that you need a professional pest control monitoring contract? 
The answer for many businesses is, yes you do, running a business these days often means having a high regard for compliance with legislation. If you fail to meet your legal obligations then the outcome can be disastrous, you’ve got enough to do without worrying about pests. What better way to meet your business obligations than have a professional pest control company maintaining a pest free work environment? 
If your business is in the food supply industry: whether its retail, storage or production and handling then you’re required to meet a raft of legislation, one piece of legislation: the Food Safety Act and specifically Section 21 assists business owners through the defense of ‘due diligence’ and if reasonable precautions were taken, should vermin or other pests be found on a premises then you have some degree of protection from prosecution – this is why pest control monitoring is so important. Our inspections are carried out on a regular basis and together with IPM we maintain the highest standards in pest control. 
Case Study 1 
We provide a monitoring service for an office building in Marlow that has a problem with rats and they also had a problem with feral pigeons roosting and nesting on the roof of the building underneath the air conditioning equipment , this was a long stranding problem and preventing essential maintenance. 
We have installed a net over the area, sealing off the machinery and then we cleaned up the machines, flooring and walls, removing all the guano and leaving it safe and clean for the engineer to carryout servicing. 
Case study 2 
We provide a monitoring service for a public house in Maidenhead, this is a new contract and the pub has a history of rats in the cellar; we provide a waste clearance service and took away a van load of accumulated junk; an old Christmas tree, plastic beer crates and a load of general rubbish. This hid a small void area that runs up beneath a staircase and in the corner we found a hole that cuts through into the cellar – the access point for the rats. This has now been sealed up and a door fitted over the opening to seal off the space and allow the Manager to use this area as a bin cupboard. 

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