CCTV inspections from Henley Pest Control 

Thorough rodent inspection with CCTV in Henley on Thames 
Rats have a relationship with the underground world; in the wild they live underground in a network of tunnels and burrows. The term bolthole is given to us from rats as they will dig an entrance to their underground home every few days: boltholes are entrances that are no longer in regular use but there if a predator shows up. 
So its only to be expected that rats will use our underground systems to access the properties in which we live and work, and they do this predominantly through the sewerage system – drains. As part of our desire to root through to the base of the problem we carryout CCTV drain surveys as part of our rat treatment service. 

Total rat control in Henley on Thames from a local company 

We make no charge for this service as we believe that you, our customer deserve the best possible service from any pest control company. The camera is a diagnostic tool that can sometimes illuminate problems that lurk in the dark, we look further to understand the cause of your rat problem. 
We carryout drain surveys sometimes on the initial survey and although we don’t repair drains we can help you by either installing a one way valve as a temporary measure or by pointing you to a professional company that only work in the rat detection / drain repair sector. 
Collapsed drain
Blocked drain
Around 60 to 70% of our internal rat treatments happen because of a fault with some part of the buildings drainage system which is why we always check the drains on our rat work. You can find out more by reading through the blog on drains. 
Henley Pest Control 
We aim to investigate, remove and proof your property so you stay rat free. 
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