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Effective long lasting pest control through Integrated Pest Management 

Rodents: mice, rats and squirrels are the biggest problem in terms of pest control because of ‘super’ powers. Mice can enter a building through a hole the size of your little finger and if thats not enough, they’re fantastic climbers and can easily climb a vertical brick wall. 
Rats navigate the hidden maze of sewers, drains and culverts meaning that they can find any redundant section or fault and gain easy access into a building from underground. If that wasn’t enough rat's have extremely powerful back legs and can jump upwards, well over two feet and length ways, over a metre. This means that walls, fences and tree’s all can give them easy access to flat roofs and loft spaces and then into your home. 
Squirrels top the table in performance of ‘super’ powers: they can gnaw through sheet steel, run up walls and jump over five times their body length with confidence. All this means that we as professional pest controllers need to understand their chosen environment for harbourage, water supplies and access points. 
Successful pest control comes from building this picture and using materials like high strength concrete to find and fix those access points; if there is a fault with the drainage at a property, no amount of poison will gain control of a rat infestation. Some will die but you will experience repeated infestations for as long as the defect remains. 
Broken pipe

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Here at Henley Pest Control we start our rodent treatments with a comprehensive survey of your property and in the event this is attached to another building we include that as well, after all, the access point may be on their side? 
Physical proofing is bought in to seal these access points, combined with trapping we take out any rodents that may be present, poison will only be used as a last resort – if you have had experience of dead rats rotting in your loft you will know why we operate like this? Bad smells, flies and maggots all come from poisoned rats, mice and squirrels. 
There are no gimmicky “special offers” in pest control and no “buy one get one free” deals, we just offer you a service that is determined to rid you of your pests for good and integrated pest management is the only way to do this. 
Successful pest control starts with proofing which is included in the cost that we quote for your treatment. 
We don’t offer a quick fix based on two or three visits we offer a thorough diagnostic approach which will solve the issue over a number of visits all based on investigation, eradication and then control. 
Got a problem with pests in Henley? 
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