Pest Control for Schools and Colleges in Henley 

All educational facilities should be a place where students and staff should feel safe, when you get problems with rats, wasps and cockroaches which can appear at any time of the year, these cause disruption to the schools normal working life, it adversely affects confidence which has a knock on effect towards the facilities reputation. 
Here at Henley Pest Control we have a natural passion for dealing with pests and we can effectively deal with all pest issues that arise at your premises through the delivery of our low-cost monitoring service. Educational facilities are faced with the dilemma of efficiently managing pests and at the same time minimising the use of pesticides and rodenticides. 
At the heart of our service is a process called Integrated Pest Management, which is designed to provide a safe and healthy environment for children. IPM looks at the wider environment rather than just the use of rodenticides and chemicals, we look at things like deteriorating buildings that allow rodents in, these can be proofed during our routine inspections; wire mesh and cement are frequently used to seal holes and block redundant openings like old pipe holes. We also look at the introduction of preventative measures like installing wasp traps where required to keep insect numbers down. 
The delivery of integrated pest management offers a more comprehensive alternative to traditional pest control methods. IPM prevents pests by decreasing the resources that they need to survive and altering the environment, we look at a much wider picture when delivering a pest control service to schools and colleges. 

Common pests in schools in Henley and Marlow 

The most common pest that we deal with across the area are from the rodent species: that’s rats, mice, squirrels and possibly glis glis and these are dealt with using secure bait stations, humane traps and careful monitoring of the surrounding area in conjunction with IPM. 
Throughout the year we deal with a lot of insect pests at schools as well as rodents and these will be mainly ants and wasps, we can install wasp lures if required to actively trap wasps from areas such as bin compounds. Wasps can present a serious hazard and we always offer a same day service for wasp infestations at schools, coming out at the end of the educational day to resolve the issue. 

Common areas for pests in schools in Henley and Marlow 

School cafes and kitchens; all contain a supply of food and water that can attract pests like ants, rats and cockroaches into the interior of the buildings. 
Lockers; again another potential food source because of what can be stored inside and these can provide ideal habitat for many pests to breed in.  
Changing rooms, if kept warm and poorly ventilated the damp conditions provide ideal breeding conditions for some pests. 
Large rubbish bins, contain an abundant food source readily available for many pests especially rats.  
Guttering and ventilation points, provide easy access into buildings and allow passageways for pests to travel around the area, pigeons can be a major issue at schools. 
Play areas and Sports fields, wild-life areas and overgrown hedges and shrubs can provide safe harbourage for many pests especially rats. We provide a mole catching service for playing fields. 
Pigeon on a nest
Part of our routine pest monitoring service will also include checking for cockroaches in school kitchens. Hygiene is essential as the first line of defence when it comes to cockroaches, but a potential inward infestation route comes from contaminated food deliveries. 
One distressing pest that frequently gets bought into schools and colleges are bed bugs; there are issues with pesticide resistance which means that bed bugs are getting harder to eradicate and so their numbers, and the number of households with an infestation are on the rise. We can provide heat treatments to kill off bed bugs that raise an entire room temperature to 60 degrees centigrade. 
Bird netting
We also deliver a bird control service, roosting populations of birds pose a health hazard that arise from organisms that grow in the nutrient rich accumulation’s of feathers, guano and debris which includes dead chicks and adult birds.  
We install mesh nets to void off areas, keeping the birds away without harming them and in suitable areas we can install spikes and post and rail systems. 
Bird control is important and part of the facilities responsibility under safeguarding, we are licensed waste carriers and we can clean up and remove contaminated items and guano buildup leaving you with a clean and safe environment. 
Bird guano will cause damage to your building, the acids contained within the guano will eat away at stone, steel, paintwork and even concrete eventually costing you more money in maintenance costs. 
Why choose Henley Pest Control as your pest control provider? 
All our technicians are DBS checked as you’d expect. 
We have over 19 years’ experience in the pest control industry. 
Our technicians are all fully trained and members of the National Pest Technicians Association. 
We are passionate about all pests and as a family run company we are big enough to cope and small enough to care, our work ethic has seen us deliver training for Reading Borough Council staff and take on the pest management at Reading Football Club. 
Got a problem with pests in Henley? 
Don’t delay - phone us on 01491 902028 and we can arrange a treatment for you. 
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