Waste Clearance and Rubbish Removal from Henley Pest Control 

Registered Upper Tier Waste Carriers 
We aim to deliver the best possible service to you and we go much further than just sorting out your pest problem; we can help you get rid of the cause of the problem and all the contaminated items left behind following an infestation. Rats and mice will defecate over 40 times a day so a short term problem can leave long term consequences leaving you with a hazardous mess to clean up. 
It can be overwhelming for people, both in the domestic area and commercial clients following a rodent infestation and for us its natural to offer a clearance service; we are licensed Upper Tier waste Carriers and we offer a waste removal service not just for our customers but to anyone with the problem. 

Waste Removal in Henley   

Rats in rubbish
We provide much more than a standard pest control service: we offer 
Garden clearance 
Some rodent infestation occur due to the amount of harbourage available for the animals; old rotten sheds and redundant greenhouses can give rodents a home. Once we have carried out a ridden without change to the environment you will see inward migration and a re-infestation. So we can remove these items along with undergrowth, rubble and discarded garden rubbish. 
Commercial clearance 
We see this a lot; your busy running the business and time is precious - worn out office furniture, delivery pallets and unwanted stock become home to rats or mice. As an employer you have a duty of care to your staff to keep the premises safe and clean; we can help you you with this responsibility by removing these redundant and unwanted items. We will also issue you the paperwork to show that the materials were correctly disposed off. 
Domestic clearance 
Rubbish seems to accumulate at an alarming rate, once contaminated by rodent feaces this material soon becomes a hazard with harmful bacteria and viruses left on it and disposal becomes a nightmare. We work in this environment on a daily basis so we have the means to carry the goods and the protective clothing to keep us safe. 

Pigeon Waste Removal in Henley   

We also carryout bird control work and install bird prevention measures 
Guano waste removal 
Pigeons produce a lot of mess and this organic matter holds some very harmful bacteria and viruses; where the birds have been nesting you will find feathers, old nest material and more often than not pigeon carcasses. All this material is teeming with insect life from blood sucking parasites such as bird mites and other insects like beetles, worms and moths. 
This mess won't wash away with the rain and the longer that it sits on a surface the more the acid contained in the mess eats away at the fabric of the building. A modern trend in finishing balconies is to use decking wood; this quickly rots beneath the mat of guano and we can take this away and replace with fresh wood. 
If you want more information on the hazards from bird droppings this is available from the HSE website - click here to follow. 
For more information on our bird control work and balcony cleaning click here 
Pigeon on nest
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