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Henley Pest Control – we are a small family run pest control company based locally; we are not part of a franchise nor are we a national organisation that acts as a booking centre. What you get when you choose us to get rid of your pests is a personal service with the aim of delivering the highest standards in pest control. 
With over 18 years of experience we offer a service that covers all pests from the insect varieties such as wasps, fleas and bed bugs through the rodents: rats, mice and squirrels to bird control where we can install physical deterrents to prevent pigeons from roosting on your property and mole catching. 
All our technicians are qualified in the role and we are members of both CRRU (the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) and BASIS which is a Government backed organisation that aims to improve levels of service throughout the industry through professional development. 

Rat and mouse control in Marlow 

Got a problem with rats or mice? 
At Henley Pest Control our aim is to find out where the access point is for the rodents, in our view this is the most important part of any pest control – determining a solution to the problem that lasts. We use various tools to investigate the access point; with rats we can CCTV survey your drainage system as part of our rat control treatment as the underground route is often the way into your property. 
We trap all rodents as we disagree with the idea of using rodenticide within your home, rats and squirrels can and will die within the property leading to further infestations of flies and maggots, the widespread industry view of going straight to the use of poison is one we do not share. 
We survey your property along with adjoining buildings to locate the entry point and once we know the inward migration point for the rodents, by proofing your property and backfilling the entrance point we can stop it in its tracks – for good. 
If this is the type of service, you want give us a call. 
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Wasp and hornet control in Marlow 

Professional wasp nest removal service 
It’s a summer nuisance and for many people an alarming one, with warmer winters and hotter summers we are seeing an increase in wasp activity with more Queens surviving their hibernation period. We aim to get a technician out to you within 24 hours of your call and we guarantee our treatments meaning that in the unlikely event the wasp nest does not die off within 24 hours, we will return to repeat the treatment. 
As part of our wasp nest removal service we will also survey your property and treat any other nest we find – included in the price, this is part of our commitment to you in providing the best possible pest control service. 
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Bed bug

Bed bug treatments in Marlow 

Getting bitten at night? Seen blood spots on the sheets? 
If yes, you may have picked up bed bugs and bought them home. Its an unfortunate part of traveling but when you do, you’re exposed to these horrible bloodsucking insects. Adept hitchhikers they can be picked up on public transport and aircraft and of course, from hotel beds. 
Right across the pest control industry we are seeing a rise in bed bug infestations, caused by two factors: more widespread travel and resistance in the insects to the chemicals used by pest controllers to eradicate them. 
We provide two bed bug control services: the first is based on the use of localised heat in the form of high temperature steam along with two different chemicals and then the second is purely the use of portable high temperature devices that heat your entire home to above 60 degrees centigrade. 
We believe in a thorough systematic approach is the only solution to bed bugs, a simple spray is not enough. 
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Mole catching across Marlow 

Do you suffer from the appearance of molehills in your lawn? 
Moles are highly specialized animals that are supremely adapted to a subterranean lifestyle, their blood contains more hemoglobin than other animals as they live in an oxygen deficient environment and with paws that are as powerful as a JCB they can tunnel through the strongest of soils even passing beneath roads. 
Here at Henley Pest Control we carry out traditional mole catching with the use of barrel traps on a no catch = no fee basis, we are confident on our ability to trap your mole and in the event we don’t then you don’t get a bill. We don’t use poison gases as we aim to prove we’ve caught your mole and got rid of your problem. 
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Squirrel Control in Marlow 

Something moving about in the loft? You've got squirrels. 
The grey squirrel is a pest and ask anyone who has these in their loft; with no predators in the UK these rodents which were introduced from America have seen a population explosion. This has led to competition on territories and nesting sites, it is now common to find them gnawing into peoples lofts across Marlow in an attempt to build themselves a nest. 
The grey squirrel has two breeding seasons each year and its only the females that have a territory; the males wander freely, and its these that give residents the biggest headache. She wants to get into your loft as its a nice, safe and dry place to bring up her young and we see the first breeding season in January and if the weather is warm we amy even see the first new borns then. 
Squirrels damage stored goods and tear up the insulation in the loft, they will also gnaw holes through the fascia boards and without sealing these up you may find birds nesting in the loft should the squirrels vacate - they are a real pest. 
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Cockroach treatments across Marlow 

Turned the lights on in the kitchen and seen something unpleasant? 
We are seeing a rise in the requests for cockroach treatments and we think this is down to modern shipping and supply; everything is now done on a just in time basis and this means that goods packaged in another country are in our homes within a day or two. 
Cockroaches will lay their egg's within a leathery case called an ootheca and this is stuck in place; this is how the young cockroaches arrive in your home or business. Around 30 to 35 young nymphs depending on the species will be inside, the German cockroach is the most common species infesting homes in the UK. 
We carryout an extensive treatment using lures, poison gels, pesticides as liquids and fogs to combat a cockroach infestation - don't waste your time buying over the counter products as an infestation needs to be done in depth. 
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Waste Removal in Marlow   

As pest controllers we provide much more than a standard service: dealing with rodemtsand pigeons its natural for us to offer: 
Garden clearance 
Overgrown gardens and old unused sheds are a breeding ground for rats, we can clear this away taking the material away to be disposed off correctly. Killing off the rats is all well and good but sometimes we have to take a wider look at the environment and a simple task like removing a redundant shed or two may make all the difference. 
Commercial clearance 
Running a business means you're always busy and discarded items and old delivery pallets can build up and provide anideal place for rats to live; we clear all this allowing you to concentrate on what you're good at and preventing a re-infestation in the future. 
Domestic clearance 
Having had a rat infestation is sometimes overwhelming and contaminated belongings, loft insulation and the contents of garages can be distressing for homeowners to clear away, so we can help. Whatever the waste we are licensed upper tier waste carriers and we have purpose built vehicles for taking away your waste. 
Got a pest problem in Marlow and want professional help? 
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