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Wherever you live you'll likely to encounter pests; be they the rodent kind like rats, mice and squirrels or the insect variety such as wasps and clothes moth's. Whatever pest you have you'll need a quick response from a local company and that's what you get when you call on Henley Pest Control - we are a family run business not a national franchise or call centre - father, son and son-in-law. 
We also do things with a marked difference from other pest control companies - our aim is to provide the highest standard possible and we do that by treating your home like it was our home, so your infestation like it was at our house. Not for us the route of going directly to poison for rodent problems; we trap these so that we can determine where they are getting into the property. If you had rats in your loft then the most important question to be asked is where are they getting in? Without the answer then your simply wasting time and money on the problem! Certainly poison will kill off any rodents but you'll have them back in weeks or months and that's not how we work. 
We practise Integrated Pest Management which is a fancy way of saying that we highest want to dig down to the bottom of the problem and get you pest free, so to do this we trap the animals and track their routes. This leads us to the access point which we can then seal up meaning that they won't be back; in the event that we don't find an access point we'll look deeper into the problem. 
Most rat infestations will be coming into a property via the drainage system, so we CCTV survey this area as part of our standard rat treatment - our customers are our priority and so we'll go the extra mile to find out the access point. 
Its not just rodents where we differ; bed bugs are becoming a major problem and we are seeing a sharp rise in demand for treatments. These parasites are rapidly evolving to resist the pesticides that we use in their control and still we see pest control companies spraying chemicals and doing nothing more. Heat kills bed bugs as they cannot withstand temperatures above 45 degrees Centigrade; every bed bug treatment we do includes heat - either applied locally or through heating up the entire room to 60 degrees. 

Rat and mouse control in Shiplake 

Got a problem with rats or mice? 
Rats and mice will be a problem in Shiplake especially as the year comes to an end and the weather cools; autumn has seen both of these rodents breed from spring through the summer and the population is at a peak. 
Mice and rats can squeeze through small openings; a faulty mortar joint or a broken air brick will give these easy access into the cavity wall; once inside this leads straight up to the loft and a warm environment ideal to overwinter in. 
Rats and mice have tell tale signs that they leave behind - look for droppings; mice leave between 40 and 60 droppings a day and these are black in colour, small with pointed ends: smaller than grain of rice. Rats deposit around 40 times a day and these start a chocolate colour, quickly drying and shrivelling to black, larger than a grain of rice and with rounded ends. 
You can also smell urine particularly from rats; find these signs and that means your sharing the building with rodents - give us a call. 

Wasp and hornet control in Shiplake 

Professional wasp nest removal service 
Wasps and hornets emerge from hibernation in the spring; a solitary Queen starts to build a nest and she will go unnoticed for months; at first the nest is quite small and there are only a few drones to help in building and foraging for food. 
There comes a point where she can on longer leave the nest; egg production is at peak and there enough drones bringing in high energy food to ensure that the numbers explode - this is a wasp nest that you'll notice. 
At its peak wasps can number in their thousands with the hornets being much lower in number; in their high tens or just about tipping over the hundred mark - they don't need thousands as their size is enough and they carry three times as much venom as a wasp does. 
We provide a priority service for wasps and hornets so give us a call and we can get you pest free the same day. 
Bed bug

Bed bug treatments in Shiplake 

Getting bitten at night? Seen blood spots on the sheets? 
In the pest control world we actually have a season for bed bugs; this comes in August and stretches through to December and the cause? Overseas travel; you've had the holidays and you notice a few bites afterwards which you'll put down to mosquito's, after a few weeks you'll notice some blood spots on the sheets. 
Nothing untoward at the moment but then one day you'll see a small beetle, mahogany red in colour and oval shaped - this is a bed bug, not everyone reacts to bed bug bites and they'll feed every few days so it takes a little time before your aware of the problem. 
Bed bugs release a congregation pheromone so when a male finds a suitable harbourage this is released and they will all localise in one place meaning that they are hard to find - the tell tale marks are the blood spots, discarded skins from where they have moulted and a musky unpleasant smell. 
If you find these then you've got bed bugs; don't waste your time with over the counter treatments as they are becoming resistant to these pesticides; heat is the sure fire bed bug killer and that's what we use - everytime. 

Mole catching across Shiplake 

Do you suffer from the appearance of molehills in your lawn? 
Moles are a surprising species; superbly adapted to a subterranean life their blood has even evolved to be thicker and carry more oxygen due to the low levels found in their tunnels - with an oxygen content at around 6% no other mammal could survive in that environment. 
Depending on soil conditions moles can dig around a four and half metres an hour and with a working period of four hours the mole that was in the paddock adjoining your garden can be over 50 metres inside your garden in one day. 
The moles have a four busy period and a four hour rest period so three mole days relates to one of our days; there are two types of tunnel. A feeding system that meanders around the lawn, in the turf and slightly lower throwing up loads of mole hills and a travelling tunnel which is more or less a straight line dotted with a few mole hills along the route. 
Whatever set of mole hills you have, we can catch them and as a bonus we work on a "No catch? No fee!" basis. 

Grey Squirrel Control in Shiplake 

Loud noises in the loft during the day? You've got squirrels! 
These were introduced in Victorian times because they've got an engaging and charming character; that's like saying Hannibal Lecter is good with children! Firstly they carry a virus called squirrel pox which has eradicated our native red squirrel population and secondly, they have no predators in the UK. 
This means we see unchecked population growth and with two breeding seasons every year there is a massive demand for territories and nest sites; many squirrels will simply gnaw through the fascia boards of a house and take over the loft. 
Inside the loft, rather than bring material in to make a nest the female will tear up the insulation, rolling it into a large ball and lining in with any soft furnishings or clothing that she can find in the loft - we've seen child car seats stripped of their upholstery to make the inside of the nest. 
Powerful jaws and strong teeth will make short work of plastic and wooden fascia boards - we trap these and seal the hole with a metal plate keeping you squirrel free. 

Cockroach control in Shiplake 

Seen a cockroach in the kitchen when you turn the lights on? 
Another evolving insect species that is becoming harder to eradicate - the cockroach; these insects are extremely hardy, cut the head of a cockroach and both the head and the body will continue to live! 
We are seeing request for cockroach treatments on the rise and the explanation for this is our dependency of 'just in time' stock deliveries; furniture, food and appliances are manufactured and shipped to our homes and businesses within hours. The female cockroach will lay her egg's in a protective case called an ootheca. 
This egg case contains the entire next generation; about 30 to 35 nymph cockroaches will be inside and if one of these appears inside your home that's an entire infestation in one go! 
We carryout a variety of different treatments using gels, liquid sprays and foggable chemicals over a number of visits to eradicate your cockroach problem. 

Waste Removal in Shiplake   

To help our customers we provide much more than a standard pest control service: we offer waste clearance as follows - 
Garden clearance 
A rat infestation may arise due to the nature of the environment; old rotten sheds and redundant out buildings will give rats a place to live. We can remove these and cut back undergrowth to create a less hospitable place for rats and help you to manage the situation. 
Commercial clearance 
Business rubbish in the form of old office furniture, delivery pallets and redundant items quickly builds up; this forms a quiet dry place for rats and we can remove this once we've exterminated the resident population leaving you rat free and junk free. 
Domestic clearance 
A fairly short term infestation can lead to heavy contamination of feaces in lofts and store rooms; this can be daunting for people to tackle themselves and we can offer a post-infestation clean up, removing the droppings and contaminated interior. We will clean up and spray the area with biocide to kill off any lingering bacteria or viruses. 
Got a pest problem in Shiplake and want professional help? 
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