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Henley Pest Control – when you call us to treat your pests what you get is a professional service from a local family run company who know this area and aim to deliver the highest standards in pest control. 
We have over 18 years of experience in the industry and we offer a service that covers all pests through the insect varieties such as wasps, fleas and bed bugs onto the rodents: rats, mice and squirrels. We carryout bird control where we can install physical deterrents to prevent pigeons from roosting on your property and we offer a mole catching service. 
All our technicians are qualified in the role and we are members of both CRRU (the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) and BASIS which is a Government backed organisation that aims to improve levels of service throughout the industry through professional development. 

Rat and mouse control in Sonning 

Got a problem with mice or rats? 
At Henley Pest Control if you have rats or mice in the house we find out where the access point is; in our view this is the most important part of the job – discovering the access point and determining a solution to the problem that lasts. We use a variety of tools to investigate the access point; with rats we will CCTV survey your drainage system as part of our rat control treatment as the underground route is often the way into your property. 
All rodents are trapped when we start a treatment as we disagree with the idea of using rodenticide within your home, rats and squirrels often die within the property leading to further infestations of flies and maggots, the widespread industry view of going straight to the use of poison is one we do not share. 
We survey your property along with any adjoining buildings to locate the entry point and once we know the inward migration point for the rodents, by proofing your property and backfilling the entrance point we can stop it in its tracks – for good. 
If this is the type of service, you want give us a call. 

Wasp and hornet control in Sonning 

Professional wasp nest removal service 
It’s a summer problem and for those people that don't like wasps an alarming one, with a warmer climate we are seeing an increase in wasp activity with more Queens surviving their hibernation period. Our aim is to get a technician out to you within 24 hours of your call and we guarantee our wasp and hornet treatments meaning that in the unlikely event the nest does not die off within a 24 hour period, we will return to repeat the treatment with no charge. 
Our wasp nest removal service includes a survey of your property and we will treat any other nest we find – included in the price, this is part of our commitment to you in providing the best possible pest control service. 
Bed bug

Bed bug treatments in Sonning 

Seen blood spots on the sheets? Do you have bites on the arms, shoulders and neck? 
If yes to the questions, you may have picked up bed bugs and bought them home. Its an unfortunate part of modern traveling but you are exposed to these horrible bloodsucking insects as they can be picked up on public transport and aircraft and of course, from hotel beds. 
Right across the pest control industry we are seeing an increase in bed bug infestations, caused by two main factors: more widespread travel and resistance in the insects to the chemicals used by pest controllers to eradicate them. 
We provide two bed bug control services: the first is based on the use of localised heat in the form of high temperature steam along with two different chemicals and then the second is purely the use of portable high temperature devices that heat your entire home to above 60 degrees centigrade. 
We believe in a thorough systematic approach is the only solution to bed bugs, a simple spray is not enough. 
Mole catching across Sonning 
Have molehills suddenly appeared in your lawn? 
Moles are highly specialised creature's that are adapted to a underground lifestyle, for example their blood contains more hemoglobin than other animals as they live in an oxygen deficient environment. Equipped with front paws that are as powerful as a JCB they can tunnel through the strongest of soils even passing beneath roads. 
Here at Henley Pest Control we carry out a traditional mole catching service with the use of humane traps working on a no catch = no fee basis, we are confident on our ability to trap your mole and in the event we don’t then you don’t get a bill. We don’t use poison gases as we aim to prove we’ve caught your mole and got rid of your problem. 

Squirrel control in Sonning 

Heard loud noises in the loft - you may have squirrels? 
With two breeding seasons a year these north American rodents have almost no predators here in the UK; capable of producing between six and eight offspring a year the grey squirrel population is exploding. 
This means that natural nesting sites and territories are scarce and smaller back gardens with bird feeders have become an ideal place for a squirrel to take up residence, your loft will be the place that they will now nest in and we are seeing a massive rise in callouts for squirrel control in Sonning and across Berkshire. 
Legal to use rodenticide on squirrels we prefer to use approved traps to catch these animals; they can be very destructive in a loft as they will tear through insulation and stored items as they build a drey. 
We trap, eradicate and then seal up the entrance to prevent a re-occurrence as a solution to your squirrel problem. 
If this is the type of service, you want give us a call. 
Got a pest problem in Sonning and want professional help? 
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