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When you call out a pest control company I think its important to look for a local one and here at Henley Pest Control we are local to Wokingham; we carryout a lot of our work around Wokingham, Woosehill and Winnersh and from that we have great knowledge of whatever rodent species you may have when it comes to these pests. For other types of pests such as wasp treatments in Wokingham we can be out to you within 24 hours and we will often try for a same day attendance. 
Henley Pest Control is a family run business and we take great pride in delivering a top level of service and pest control treatments; from something like the humble mole to intricate pigeon proofing we can solve any pest problem that you may have. This simple page highlights the types of services that we provide and each section has a link to take you to our main website where further information on our services can be found. 

Rat and mouse control in Wokingham 

Got a problem with mice or rats in Wokingham? 
Our approach to dealing with rats and mice differs from other pest control companies in the area; for one we prefer to trap these rodents rather than use poison as a means of control. Trapping allows us to investigate the animals route into the property: this means that we can tell you where the problem lies and if we can do the work, this entrance will be sealed up, meaning that you're rodent free for good. 
Our commitment to you if you have a problem with rats or mice in Wokingham, is that we will provide CCTV surveys of the drainage system included in our standard service without extra cost and we will also include the proofing materials that we may use in the process of getting you pest free. 
We are extremely successful in controlling rats and we provide this service right across Berkshire and Oxfordshire. 
If this is the type of service, you want give us a call. 

Wasp and hornet nest removal services in Wokingham 

Professional wasp nest removal service 
Wasps and hornets pop up throughout the summer months right across the region and we offer you the highest standard of service possible: we charge for the nest that we've been called out to. If we can find more nests then these are included without any additional costs to you; these treatments are all guaranteed. 
We guarantee that the wasps will die off within 24 hours - if for any reason that they don't die off we will return and repeat the treatment for free and that also includes those other nests. 
We treat our customers as our priority and when it comes to successful wasp nest treatments in Wokingham; you won't get stung by us. 
Bed bug

Professional bed bug treatments in Wokingham 

Seen blood spots on the sheets? Do you have bites on the arms, shoulders and neck? 
Bed bugs are picked up by us when we travel and its quite common to bring these back from overseas holidays; because its the summertime many people think that the bites that they get are from mosquito's and not bed bugs. 
We provide a comprehensive treatment for bed bugs in Wokingham that starts with the use of high temperature steam and a mixture of chemicals through to a heat only treatment that raise the entire affected area to over 60 degree's Celsius. 
Bed bugs are developing resistance to chemicals and our approach always uses heat in the treatment meaning that we can achieve success and get you bed bug free. 

Mole catching in Wokingham 

Have molehills suddenly appeared in your lawn? 
Hidden below ground the mole slowly moves its way around and occasionally they will push up mole hills in your lawn; the is more prevalent where you're property borders open ground like railway embankments and parkland. 
We trap moles using traditional break back traps; these have changed very little in centuries and we find that these are excellent in controlling moles. As we trap and catch the animals we work on the basis of providing a high standard and that is - No catch = No fee. 
If we can't catch or we fail to get your mole then we don't give you an invoice; our work is paid on proven standards. If you have moles in Wokingham and you want a better service than paying up front for what can be a disappointing service - give us a ring! 

Squirrel control in Wokingham 

Heard loud noises in the loft - you may have squirrels? 
Squirrels are a major problem in Wokingham and they are equipped with powerful jaws and strong teeth so access into your loft is easily done by these rodents. As a foreign invasive species we are seeing lots of call outs for the grey squirrel in Wokingham, they have two breeding seasons each year and so the numbers are steadily increasing. 
We trap squirrels and given the size and weight we will not use poison on them; a dead squirrel in an inaccessible part of the loft will make itself known - for many weeks! We find trapping and then culling the numbers to be an efficient way of dealing with these pests. 
We also cut back overhanging vegetation from roofs and seal up the entrance holes made by the squirrels to help you stay pest free. 
If this is the type of service, you want give us a call. 

Feral pigeon control in Wokingham 

Have you got a problem with pigeons roosting on your property? 
Feral pigeons have a close relationship with man; we used to farm these for a food supply and so they are adapted to live alongside us. We often find pigeons taking up residence on balconies, in sheltered car parks and beneath solar panels, we provide a professional pigeon control service in Wokingham proofing and cleaning up the mess left behind these birds. 
Pigeons create a lot of waste and this material is hazardous because of the fungus, bacteria and viruses that live in the mass of organic matter - we clean this away, decontaminate the area and then install netting, spikes or wire mesh to keep the birds out for good. 

Flea control in Wokingham 

Getting bites around your ankles? Its fleas. 
Common throughout the summer and often encountered in rented accommodation when new tenants move in; the first thing you'll notice if you have a problem with fleas in Wokingham is small itchy bites around your ankles. 
Dog and cat fleas can be a real problem and even for those people who have a pet that is regularly treated; fleas are adapting to the chemicals used and slowly becoming resistant to these products. 
We treat your home with powerful pesticides and we will move the furniture to get the chemical to all of the floors ensuring that we have a 100% coverage. Professional flea control in Wokingham and we can even vacuum the floors for you as well removing adult fleas from carpeted areas as we proceed. 

Cockroach eradication in Wokingham 

Don't let cockroaches ruin your business reputation in Wokingham 
Cockroaches are becoming a greater problem as they develop chemical resistance to modern pesticides; these insects are slowly adapting and becoming harder to treat. When we carryout treatments for cockroaches we start with a novel chemical that throws a molecular cover over these insects choking them to death. 
Our treatments then include a number of different chemicals is various applications - gels and liquid sprays which are backed up with sticky traps, often hygiene is a big issue and we can help both domestic and commercial customers with a cockroach problem in Wokingham as we provide a waste clearance service. 

Waste Clearance in Wokingham 

Don't let junk bring rats to your door 
We are licensed waste carriers and as we deal with the mess left behind both rodents and pigeons we can provide a service where we can remove unwanted items that may have led to rats and mice living around the property. 
Likewise if you have had rodents inside a property there maybe soiled and damaged items stored inside that you may want removing or contaminated loft insulation which is full of urine and feaces. 
We carefully take this matter away, spraying disinfectant to kill off any lingering bacteria or viruses and leaving you not only pest free but also rubbish free. All this material is taken to an approved refuse centre and we keep documentation for our records with the Environment Agency. 
We even take down old redundant sheds and cut back overgrown gardens to remove rat harbourage. 
Have you got a pest problem in Wokingham and need professional help? 
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