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Total control of cockroaches in Henley on Thames 

Professional cockroach control in Henley on Thames from a local company 

We have found cockroaches in our kitchen can you help? 
Having cockroaches in your kitchen presents a major hazard to health, they crawl over all surfaces including rubbish and faeces and this contaminates surfaces and stored food stuffs. 
Commercial kitchens are prone to cockroach infestations due to poor hygiene standards and with the help of a professional pest controller this can be reversed. Cockroaches have an elusive nature preferring to be active at night and able to hide in the smallest of gaps; this means that a cockroach problem is missed in its early stages. 
As cockroaches forage for food they come into contact with harmful bacteria, this is easily spread and can lead to outbreaks of food poisoning; due to the seriousness of this Inspectors from the local Environmental Health Department will come out to investigate commercial premises for cockroaches. 
A regular monitoring program may prevent a small infestation becoming a major issue where commercial premises will be forced to close until the situation is bought under control. 
Is it just commercial kitchens that have cockroaches? 
Cockroaches can be present just about anywhere as they can be bought in already harbouring in food stuffs and through the introduction of second hand goods. Domestic properties like flats and shared accommodation can also see outbreaks of cockroaches through their ability to travel along pipework and electrical cables from one part of the building to another. 
No matter if it’s a commercial or domestic kitchen maintaining a clean and tidy environment will help to keep cockroaches at bay. The removal of rubbish from kitchen bins on a daily basis as well as thoroughly cleaning in those hard to reach areas means less organic matter and less food for the roaches. 
If you have a commercial kitchen we provide regular pest control monitoring for cockroaches along with rats and mice to keep you pest free and on the right side of the Environmental Health Officer. 
Dead cockroach

Cockroach extermination in Henley 

Preventing a cockroach infestation is better than treating one and this starts with good housekeeping and a clean kitchen. We use powerful poison gels, surface sprays and pheromone traps to control cockroaches and given the urgency of the problem we will be with you within 24 hours of getting a call. 
Cockroaches are difficult to control through pesticide resistance so we use a combination of chemicals in our cockroach treatments - find out more about the ability of cockroaches to survive by clicking on the button below. 
Got a problem with cockroaches in Henley? 
Don’t delay phone us on 01491 902028 and we can arrange a treatment for you 
We provide monitoring operations for commercial customers - don’t let cockroaches ruin your business reputation. 
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