Professional mole control in Henley 

Total control of moles in Henley on Thames and right across Berkshire. 

Overnight some mounds of earth appeared in our garden are these moles? 

Moles live a very isolated existence, they will spend most of their life underground rarely venturing to the surface with little contact with any other animal including other moles. They are extremely aggressive towards each other and when encountering another mole underground they may fight to the death. 
The female mole looks after her young for a short duration then she will attack them to drive them away from her network of tunnels; this is probably the only time a mole leaves its subterranean world, travelling overground to escape its mother. This occurs in early summer and maybe the reason that you suddenly notice molehills in your lawn for the first time. 
Moles are for ever increasing the size of their territory and if your garden borders open land then you maybe experiencing the growth of the mole population around you, once a network of tunnels has been established it is very difficult to prevent further visits. Moles dig tunnels at various heights in the ground: deeper runs protect the mole from seasonal changes – warm and dry in the winter and cool and damp in the summer. Food will be scarce that deep underground so the mole digs tunnels just below the depth of the grass roots and even through the turf itself where there is a richness of invertebrate life. 
All this digging and the eradication of harmful insects does have a beneficial act: the mole tunnels act to assist in drainage and air flow through the soil and moles eat about half their body weight a day in worms, grubs and other insects – some of these like leatherjackets are destructive and therefore a pest in their own right. 

Traditional mole catching from a local company in Henley on Thames 

Any ground may become the haunt of moles, from small domestic gardens, school playing fields and hay paddocks their digging ability is amazing. Moles can travel beneath minor roads, patios and garden walls tunneling into just about any area.  
We carryout mole control at domestic properties, pubs and hotels, farms and on arable land and may other types of property. We only use traditional humane breakback traps as we work on a no catch = no fee basis, if we don't catch your mole then you don't pay. 
mole hills
Mole on a molehill

No mole - no fee 

All our mole catching in Henley is on a no catch no fee system: as we are confident in our ability to catch moles we don’t charge for the mole treatment; instead we charge you for the proven results.  
Caught moles are left at the customer’s property in a sealed plastic bag, never pay up front to a pest control company for a mole treatment as occasionally they can move off the area if insect supplies are low. 
The mole breeding season starts in late February and we will see a burst in digging as the boars go searching for the sows; you will often see straight lines of mole hills indicating a boar on the move. The females have small litters around six is the most and she’ll drive these away from her in early summer; she’ll tolerate and feed them for longer if there is a plentiful supply of insects.  
This is when most people encounter moles for the first time – don’t delay as moles have an active life and they will damage a wide area of lawn over a few days. 
Holey Moley
Professional mole control in and around Henley. 
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