Professional insect control for Henley 

Total control for all pests throughout Henley on Thames 

Along with the pests given their own page we deal with many types of insects in Henley. 

We treat ants for both commercial and domestic customers, when people think of ants we assume its the black garden ant however we have seen new invasive species of ant in the UK and these cannot be treated easily. 
Pharoahs ants – very small about 1mm in length and these must be treated with special chemicalsand not 'over the counter' treatments otherwise the problem will get worse. These ants will ‘bud’ off and form a new colony; the worker ants can manipulate egg's to chnage into Queen ants meaning a new colony can start from scratch. The only way to eradicate these ants is special formula of slow release poison. 
Fire ants – these have been the cause of several fires as they are drawn to electricity and they will build nests within electrical junction boxes causing short circuits and fires. 
Acrobat ant – a Mediterranean species that lives in lofts and upper floors, they build bridges and structures out of living ants to access these out of the way areas; now found all over the South of England. 
Argentine and Crazy ant – more invasive species found all over the South of England. 
Carpenter ants that like to gnaw through wooden joists. 
Clothes moths and carpet beetles 
These are a big problem in and around Henley; these two species of insect feed on woollen items like carpets, suits and jumpers; both of these insects eat the protein in textiles that contain wool, fur and even silk. 
We have started to see chemical resistance in cat and dog fleas and through the summer months we have an explosion of callouts for fleas infesting carpets and homes right across the region. 
Bird mites 
If you have birds nesting inside your loft then you’ve probably got bird mites; tiny spider like insects that live of the birds. These are bloodsucking parasites and if the birds leave you may find the mites travel into your home searching for a meal. 
Silverfish and woodlice 
Although not a true pest we do get called out for treatments against silverfish and woodlice; these insects live around damp decaying wood so although a treatment maybe required its best to get to the source of the infestation and that will be remedial works to deal with the underlying issue. 
Carpet moth
No matter what your insect problem in Henley or Marlow we deal with them all, from spiders to silverfish if you have a pest then we have the solution. 
Clothes moths, flies and ants are all no problem for our staff at Henley Pest Control: our job is to get rid of your pests and that is what we do. 
Got a problem with insects in Henley? 
Don’t delay phone us on 01491 902028 and we can arrange a treatment for you. 
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