Professional pigeon control for both domestic and commercial customers In Henley 

Pigeon proofing and guano cleaning in Henley on Thames 

Professional pigeon control in Henley on Thames from a local company 

How can we prevent feral pigeons roosting on our house? 
Pigeons should be called rock doves as a craggy rock face is their natural home, unfortunately for many businesses and home owners modern building design replicates this environment and we see a lot of pigeons roosting and nesting around these properties. 
Decorative ledges, balconies, gullies and the underside of photo voltaic panels all lead to a rise in the pigeon population as these represent ideal nest sites. Here at Henley Pest Control we carryout a lot of work installing preventative measures, we don’t harm the birds as the control method we use is to deny them access to the site. 
When we talk about bird problems we think in terms of pressure, once a flock moves onto an area they will be very difficult to dislodge and this is known as high pressure; we can fix spikes to deter the birds from landing and perching on ledges this works for light pressure only. You can sometimes see pigeons using the spikes as frames for nesting on as this was the incorrect method of denial. 
High pressure means that the birds will not move off site as they have started nesting, so a physical barrier is required between the birds and the roost; netting is used to seal off the area and we use this most often across balconies and over roof top machinery on commercial properties. 
The pressure form birds is explained in the website from PigeonControl.UK 
A steel fence system is used around the lower edge of PV panels to prevent access underneath as this has become a recent problem for households with this equipment. 
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Pigeon guano cleaning services in Henley 

We need someone to clean up a load of bird mess, do you provide that service? 
As part of our bird control service we carryout clean up service for when you've had a problem with pigeons, often things like rooftop air conditioning units are over looked and between service visits from maintenance engineers, the birds move in and quickly make the area hazardous due to the amount of guano (droppings), dead birds and nest material. 
It only takes a few days for a flock to settle into somewhere new and we often get called out to service domestic properties where a flat has been untenanted for a couple of weeks and the balcony is now home to a number of pigeons and covered in bird poo. 
From a domestic balcony or loft to a rooftop area we provide a complete pigeon control service where we remove and dispose of the guano, clean the surfaces and then biocide the area to leave it clean and safe. 
Bird on a nest

The importance of effective bird control in Henley 

What goes in must come out and birds are no exception, the acid in bird poo; the white liquid discharges contains high levels of urea and along with acid in the solid fecal deposits this waste matter dissolves the salts in stone, concrete, metal and paintwork. 
If left, over time structural damage can occur, usually the damage is cosmetic but given that prevention is better than cure its more cost effective to deal with a pigeon infestation sooner than later. 
Bird feaces contain many different types of harmful bacteria and viruses and these pose a hazard to either the workforce or your family through contamination of dried guano through inhalation or wet via hand to mouth. 
A build up of guano also leads to slippery conditions underfoot and this is particulary important on roof tops and raking ladders that lead onto the roof. 

Henley Pest Control – your local experts in bird control and cleaning 

As a riverside town pigeons are found all over Henley and we offer a comprehensive proofing and cleaning service – if you have got a bird control problem then we have the solution. 
Professional bird control in Henley on Thames. 
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