Professional squirrel control for Henley 

Total control of squirrels in Henley on Thames and the surrounding area. 

We’ve got squirrels in the garden and now we can hear noises in the loft, is this a problem? 
When we look at squirrels we are in fact seeing an animal that comes from North America; the grey squirrel was introduced in the Victorian era and has little in the way of predators in the UK. This means that when you see a population of squirrels living in close proximity to your home it becomes likely that you may get a squirrel infestation. 
They have two breeding seasons and the female will look for somewhere dry and warm to build a drey to give birth in; and your loft is warm and dry so the perfect place to rear her young. The first breeding season starts in early spring and if the weather is mild that can be in January and the second is at the beginning of summer: with two seasons and litter sizes of between 3 and 9 populations can grow rapidly. 
Female squirrels will hold a territory while males will move about a larger area without holding onto a certain part; out of the breeding season they will share a drey particularly in cold weather. 
Having squirrels in your garden means that you run a high risk of having one or more gain access into your loft, they have incredibly sharp teeth and strong jaw muscles so gnawing through a wooden fascia board is no problem. 
Once inside a loft they will look to build a drey and loft insulation is an ideal substance for nest building; they rip is up and roll it into a large ball, burrowing into the middle of it all nice and cosy. 

Professional squirrel control in Henley from a local company 

We’ve heard noises in the loft how do we tell if its squirrels? 
Drey building is probably the easiest method to check if you have a squirrel infestation; they will scrape all the loft insulation up into a giant ball or drag it into the soffit box.  
Another easy way to check if you have squirrels is to look out for droppings: squirrels droppings look alot like rat droppings and the best way of telling the difference is to pick a fresh one and smell it. 
If it has a mushroom like aroma its from a squirrel and if the smell makes you gag – its a rat. As gross as it sounds its the best way; squirrels are much noiser during daylight hours and very curious and they will often come out into a loft to see what you’re doing if you keep quiet. 
Squirrel on a roof
squirrel on a wall
squirrel peeking out of a roof
The grey squirrel is an invasive species to the UK and without predators to keep the population in check their numbers have risen to the extent where they are now classified as vermin. 
More information on the destructive nature of these animals can be found in our blog. 
Squirrel with a nut

We aim to attend squirrel call-outs in Henley within 24 hours 

Squirrels will be found throughout the Henley on Thames area we attend infestations all year round, with no native predators and having two breeding seasons there is a gradual rise in the overall population. 

Got a problem with squirrels in Henley? 

Don’t delay phone us on 01491 902028 and we can arrange a treatment for you. 
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