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We have noticed wasps flying in under the roof tiles and we can hear a scratching noise, do we have wasps? 
Wasps and hornets are a summertime problem all over Henley, the Queens hibernate and will emerge in the early spring seeking a suitable place to build her nest. There are three species of wasp that we mainly deal with: the common wasp and the European wasp along with a new arrival from the continent the Saxon wasp. 
All these wasps have slightly different characteristics and the European Wasp or German wasp as it is sometimes called along with the Saxon wasp tends to nest in the branches of shrubs, hedges and outside of the structure of a property. 
This makes them more aggressive and can pose a threat to gardeners and tree surgeons as its common for these people to encounter a wasp nest when trimming and cutting back. 
The common wasps will be found in lofts and in buildings like sheds and garages; these build a cream coloured nest and are less aggressive. 
All wasps need to be treated with respect; most people react badly to a wasp sting and some people may suffer anaphylactic shock when stung. This is a dangerous and life threatening condition and so for that reason we advise that wasp treatments are carried out by professionals with access to the correct level of PPE. 
We have recently discovered a hornets nest in the garden should we be worried? 
Hornets are very similar to wasps in many ways in that they follow the same lifecycle, hornets are around twice the size of wasps and they pack a real punch as they carry three times as much venom, which includes an additional chemical to that of the wasp venom. This chemical reacts with our pain receptors meaning that a hornet sting will be really painful. 
We have the European hornet here in the UK and this is native to our shores and poses very little risk, hornets are not as aggressive as wasps and will only sting if you approach the nest. If in doubt we will treat hornets as no-one wants to get stung and you may have children playing in the garden. 
Another species of hornet which we are all on the lookout for is the Asian hornet; this is a dangerous insect as they will have multiple Queens living together and so their colonies are larger and these have become a major problem across France and Belgium where they have led to a number of deaths. 
The Asian hornet also targets honey bee’s – they feed their larvae almost exclusively on honey bee’s, taking them on the wing and killing four or five bee’s a minute. The Asian hornet will also attack in the autumn robbing the bee’s of their vital honey stores meaning the destruction of the honey bee colony. 
Hornet on branch

Wasp treatments from Henley Pest Control – 7 days a week 

We deal with wasps and hornets in Henley seven days a week, in late summer wasps become a real menace and they prevent people from enjoying their gardens and so we offer this service. 
For more information on wasp nests and the lifecycle of a nest click on the button below 

Wasp nest removal in Henley 

As an ethical pest control company, Henley Pest Control does not treat bees as a pest species and some types of solitary bee can be easily confused with wasps; these tend to be the varieties of mason and mining bee. These harmless insects use mimicry and camouflage to confuse predators and this then confuses us. 
The mining and mason bees although solitary in nature will group together in the optimum areas, these are dry sandy soils for mining bees and old crumbly walls for the mason bees. 
If you think that you've got wasps in Henley or Marlow but you're not 100% sure click on this link to visit a page identifying some of the species of bees: we need these bees and they pose no threat to us and they have almost no venom, some pest control companies will treat these and charge you for the service - not us as we don't regard them as pests. 
Click on this link to visit a guide to identifying the different types of bees 

Guaranteed wasp nest treatments in Henley 

In the UK there are nine different species of wasps and hornets that we consider a pest: these are the colony building species that will attack us if we get too near their nest or interfere with it. We have an identification guide to these wasps and hornets, click this link to visit that site - 
All our wasp and hornet treatments are backed with a 100% guarantee – our customers are our priority. 
Do you have a problem with wasps or hornets in Henley - on - Thames? 
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  Wasp and hornet control from a local company 

Wasps and hornets build their nests in early spring; the Queens will hibernate inside lofts and garden sheds but they will never return and re-use an old nest. 
Read our blog on the lifecycle of a wasp nest: 
Got a problem with wasps or hornets in Henley? 
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