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We are a family run business and our ethos is in delivering a quality, personal service where we take the utmost pride in the work that we carryout, we are a professional pest control company, and we are experts in delivering all types of bird control. With a background that goes back over the last 19 years you can be sure that if you have a pigeon problem in Maidenhead or Windsor, we can offer you the correct solution. 
We carry out a range of bird control services from installing measures that prevent nesting and perching on buildings to a cleaning service, removing all the mess left behind after the birds have been moved on. 
Here is a brief run down on the bird control services that we provide throughout the area. 

Have you got pigeons nesting under your solar panels? 

This has become a relatively recent problem with pigeons roosting and nesting beneath solar panels, pigeons are intelligent and resourceful birds and they have quickly realised that the void underneath solar panels make an ideal nesting site and with the widespread use of these energy systems the pigeon population is booming. 
That space under the solar panels makes an ideal habitat for pigeons as they are fixed on the south facing side of buildings which will always be the warmest place on the roof. In addition, the birds have overhead protection from any predators and the worst of the weather so they have taken up the habit of living on top of our roofs. This creates a massive problem as the flock sizes will continue to grow; lots of noise which starts at dawn. Then there’s the feathers, egg shells and dead birds and not to mention all the pigeon droppings, if you have pigeons under your solar panels, we can get them out and keep them out. 
We use a premium product that has proven to be superior to the older wire mesh systems, the product that we use consists of stainless-steel adjustable hoops that are held onto a plastic strip. With a ten-year manufacturers guarantee these are glued onto the sides of the panels and cut to size; they cannot come loose and there are no weak parts like single plastic clips that are used to hold the wire mesh onto the panels. 
We install a system that creates a fence around the underside of the solar panels keeping the birds out and once fitted the birds will quickly move off your roof for a new nesting site, leaving you to enjoy the peace and quiet. 
Pigeons on solar panels
Solar panel proofing

Bird net installations the ultimate pigeon deterrent in Maidenhead and Windsor 

Bird netting is the most reliable way of preventing nesting or roosting against any species of birds and not just pigeons, the bird nets that we use come in a range of different mesh sizes; for pigeon control the size of each separate square is 50mm by 50mm. These nets are durable and made from ultraviolet stabilised polypropylene and when correctly fitted, they have a working life of over ten years. 
The reason why we say that bird netting is the ultimate deterrent, is that it can be used in any position; vertical, horizontal or even diagonal, and it can span an area of any size. With the use of supports and correct framing there is nothing that cannot be protected by a bird net. 
We install netting in places like the underside of vehicle loading bays, in these locations the birds will sit and even nest on the steel trussing, defecating onto workers and vehicles below creating both a mess and a health hazard. We can also use bird netting to surround commercial roof top air conditioning plant where we can build a frame, and encase any machinery that stands alone on a flat roof without the need for drilling into roof membranes. 
To install the system our technicians make a steel wire frame around the zone that needs to be protected from the birds, the bird net is then attached with metal staples and pulled tight to form a solid barrier around the area. This means that we can create a bird free zone for just about any size area and as the nets come in three different colours we can choose one to help the net blend into the background. 
Bird netting is both a highly efficient bird deterrent and extremely cost effective, the possibilities of use are endless and, in my view, the best way to keep pigeons off your building. 
cherry picker

Bird spiking and Bird Coil installation in Maidenhead and Windsor 

Birds will perch in places with good lines of sight, pigeons are a social species of bird and they will sit along the edges of parapets and coping stones on building tops and when large numbers of birds gather, they produce a lot of mess. This means that the birds will deposit their faeces down the face of the building, leaving white splashes of uric acid and more solid lumps raining down onto the pavement below, creating an unpleasant and potentially dangerous experience for pedestrians. 
Apart from being unsightly the acid in these droppings are slowly and steadily causing damage to the actual structure; one way in which we can prevent perching birds is by the installation of rows of bird spikes or by fitting a length of coil along the leading edges of horizontal surfaces. 
These systems will work best as soon as you notice pigeons starting to come and rest on the site, feral pigeon flocks are increasing in numbers and they are always looking for new nesting sites. Because of this pressure, the birds need to find new nesting sites and buildings that previously have not had any problems with birds will now find themselves with a resident flock if given time to perch. 
Bird spikes come in a wide range of cross sections from extra wide through to narrow and there are two types of spike: a plastic one and a stainless steel one. We only ever use the superior stainless-steel spikes as the plastic spikes can be broken by the birds, rendering their installation useless. 
Bird coil is a new system and offers a different look to rows of spikes, this system works in the same way, and this is particularly good for long runs along the tops of parapets where the sprung steel loops prevent the birds from landing. 
Post and wire systems 
Post and wire is the name for another system used to prevent birds from perching, in this case a metal rod is drilled into a surface and a thin metal wire is tensioned and held in place by springs. This works because the birds do not like to perch where they rub up against an object as this will cause damage to their feathers. Post and rail systems are often used on the front faces of older buildings that have a high degree of architectural detail as there is little metal work and the overall finish to the system is unobtrusive. 

Bird mite fumigation 

Our background is in general pest control and we don’t just provide bird control services, we know that all birds carry tiny parasitic mites, and these mites can become a problem especially after birds have been ejected from a roost. When the birds have left, the mites will seek other warm-blooded bodies to feed from and in a domestic situation, that’s going to be you. 
Birds like starlings’ will nest together in small groups and when they leave either because of human intervention of their own accord at the end of their breeding season, they leave behind hundreds of hungry bloodsucking mites. These will make their way down inside the property, passing through cracks and cable holes where they start to feed on us and despite their incredibly small size, they pack a painful bite! 
We provide a fumigation service for rooms and loft spaces and any other areas to kill off any remaining bird mites in minutes with our fogging machines. We use a strong insecticide that is blown out as fine micro particles and these travel throughout the environment, using air currents and thermals, completely filling any voids and killing off any insect life that’s present; a very effective way of getting rid of bird mites. 
bird mite

Balcony cleaning and renovation in Maidenhead and Windsor 

A common problem on new build flats is where pigeons fly onto a balcony and start nesting, as pigeons are large birds, they produce a lot of poo, nearly a kilogram of this from each bird every month and the trouble with all this waste matter is that its highly acidic. 
Whatever surface the bird droppings are deposited on will begin to break down from the corrosive action of the guano and modern balconies are often finished with wooden decking. This surface soon becomes slippery and dangerous underfoot, along with that the place smells dreadfully and people will abandon going out onto the balcony, leaving it to the pigeons. 
Once that they start nesting pigeons will continue and numbers will rise, even after a short period of time the damage being done to the wood means that the decking will be ruined, and when the birds can get underneath the top boards, they will nest around the wooden subframe. This tends to be a soft wood and rots away very quickly in these damp, acid rich conditions. 
We offer a full balcony cleaning and netting service and in conditions like this a balcony cleanup operation may mean removing the decking boards and its often then that we find that the subframe has rotted beyond repair.  
We can replace the entire structure for you, new subframe and new decking boards, if caught in time a thorough clean-up maybe all that is required. When combined with a professionally fitted bird net this means that your balcony is returned to you, as new, completely clean and totally 100% pigeon free. 
dirty balcony
clean balcony
dirty balcony
clean balcony

Pigeon infestation cleaning and guano removal 

All birds generate mess but when it comes to feral pigeons, these make a great deal of it and this comes in several forms, firstly there’s all of the discarded nesting material that litters the area, pigeons will pick up twigs, litter and just about anything they can to make their nest out of and this material blocks gutters and rainwater hoppers. The material that forms the nest is glued together with bird droppings and the longer the nesting site is used the greater the buildup of droppings and this creates more problems with water runoff and can leading to internal flooding in heavy rain. 
Pigeons need to keep their feathers in good condition, and they like to preen, a lot of feathers will get shed and so the roosting area becomes littered with down and feathers which attract their own insect pests in the form of clothes moths and carpet beetles. These two insects eat the chitin present in the feathers, this substance is also found in hair, fur and animal fleece which we turn into clothing and carpets, so something as simple as a pigeon infestation in the loft can now result into damage to items inside the house. 
Pigeons carry a lot of parasites which weaken older birds and some of these will die in the roost, meaning that you will get the bodies which attract bluebottles and other carrion flies to feed. Carrion flies lay their eggs on the body and when it’s time for the maggots to pupate they will crawl out of the carcass and look to hide in the soil under the body where it’s safe to begin the process of pupation. When this occurs in a loft setting where there is no soil, some of the maggots will find their way through electrical cable holes such as light fittings, falling into rooms below. 
However, the main problem with an infestation of pigeons is that they deposit a huge amount of guano, this organic mass of semi-liquid material quickly builds up and has an extremely unpleasant smell, when it lays on items like loft insulation or any stored items, these are quickly rendered useless. 
We provide a waste removal and cleaning service for both domestic and commercial customers, scraping up and vacuuming all of this waste material. Pigeon guano is highly toxic and considered a hazardous material until treated with strong disinfectant. 
Pigeon guano contains a lot of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi that present a real danger to human health and we recommend that you leave this type of work to those with experience and are equipped with all the right protective equipment. 
Pigeon walking on spikes
Pigeon with eggs
pigeon nesting in gutter
baby pigeons
pigeon on the nest
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If you have problems with pigeons throughout East Berkshire area we have the solution, as a professional pest control company with many years of experience we can give you a way to get rid of the birds for good and we carryout free surveys, just call us for a no obligation quote for a solution to your bird control problems. 
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