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Many towns have problems with large flocks of pigeons and Marlow is no exception; located on the banks of the River Thames with easy access for food, water and roosts the town has several large flocks and their numbers are growing year on year. The problem with pigeons is that they have few predators and a unique way of rearing their young means that once a flock is established it will grow in numbers if left unchecked. 
Mother pigeons are probably one of the best animals for bringing up their young, not only are they aggressive in defense of their young they also have a much different way of looking after their chicks - called squabs. Firstly they don't have a true breeding season as the food for the young birds is made up of anything the adults can eat, this is partially digested in their crop and fed back to the squab as a 'milk'. 
The squabs will stay in the nest until almost adult, a constant supply of food means that pigeons will breed throughout the year even in winter given the right location for the nest, having stayed in the nest until all the feathers are fully formed and the flight muscles well developed means that when the squabs finally leave they are in perfect shape for a life on the wing. 
Pigeon with two eggs

Keeping pigeons off your property in Marlow 

Physical barriers 
Once pigeons are on a property it becomes very hard to dislodge them due to the lack of good quality roost sites across the town; remember they are looking for a place where they have the maximum protection for the elements. 
Balconies and accidentally left open doors and windows into rooftop plant rooms are commonly used and quickly taken over by the birds, here at Henley Pest Control we install netting to place a solid barrier between the birds and their chosen roost. 
Once the netting is in place we can help the clean up by removing old nest material, any dead birds and the pigeon poo that's accumulated all over the surfaces, finishing off with a biocidal spray to kill off any bacteria and viruses. 
Pigeon on a nest

Pigeon control in Marlow 

Its not just netting we install but if the area does not permit that style of deterrent we can install spiking or post and wire systems; when we thing of bird control we use the term pressure. 
High pressure is where the birds are in place and will not leave, any spikes installed here will be used as a frame for a new nest and this approach will fail within months - only netting will work. 
Medium pressure is where the birds are roosting but not yet nesting, spiking here may move the birds off as it makes the act of roosting uncomfortable to them, and low pressure is where the birds have started to visit and there is potential for a roost to develop. Optical devices maybe enough to scare the birds off at this time. 
Another problem that we have encountered is that pigeons will nest beneath solar panels on domestic roof tops, the birds simply walk underneath and build their nests on the supporting bars that hold the panels on the roof. 
To deter birds from nesting under solar panels we attach either a 'skirt' or a metal 'fence' around the edge of the panels meaning that access to the underside is now denied. The birds will move off after a few days leaving you with peace and quiet and no more pigeon poo. 
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