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We provide a rat control service for Wargrave all year round, as Wargrave sits on the River Thames and surrounded by farm land, there tends to be a high rat population and a seasonal trend to our call outs around the town. The spring and summer see's us dealing with rats in the outdoor environment; living beneath sheds and under wooden decking are two prime examples, as autumn turns to winter we see a movement of rats into peoples homes as they seek to escape the cold weather. 
Here at Henley Pest Control we have over 18 years of dealing with rats and we provide a pest control service for all other types of insects or animals, we also carryout bird control work in the form of installing netting to create a barrier physically preventing the birds from roosting. Installing spikes and wire rope systems that are great for areas such as ridge tiles and window ledges and fixing wire mesh around the underside of solar panels to stop pigeons from nesting underneath. 
Our technicians are qualified with the Royal Society of Public Health and we are members of two schemes - the first is the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use - CRRU andthe second; BASIS which is a Government backed organisation that aims to improve levels of service throughout the pest control industry. 
Two rats peeking out

Professional rat control in Wargrave 

Given their furtive nature and the rats ability to swim and navigate by touch, we find the majority of our internal rat infestations are via the domestic drainage system and to combat the rats we carryout CCTV drain surveys as a standard part of our service. 
Many compnies charge extra fro drain surveys - we are the exception as our aim is to find the access point and then either seal it or come up with a solution so we can get you - rat free. 
"We look further than other companies to get rid of your rats." 
If this is the type of service you want give us a call. 
Rat on an edge

Rat control in Wargrave that is poison free 

If your previous pest control company took a 'straight to the use of poison' approach, its a short cut to no-where and one that we won't take. 
We need to understand how the rats are getting in, actually getting rid of them is secondary and we do this through humane trapping. With a reliance on poison as the control method and without determining the entrance then the rats will be back and you find yourself trapped in an endless cycle of rats - poison - rats.  
At Henley Pest Control our goal is to find the source of the infestation, seal the access point, eradicate the remaining rats to get you 100% rat free for good. 
Rats all folks
Do you want professional help to get rid of your rats? Click here to see frequently asked questions from our customers. 
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