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Do you have a problem with rats in Maidenhead? If so we have the solution for you: we are Henley Pest Control and we are a local family run company that can deal with your rat problem along with any other pest issues that you have. Here at Henley Pest Control we use a system called integrated pest management - we don't use poison straight away like many other pest control companies, we carryout a thorough investigation, with breakback trapping and then finally proof against further inward movement which is 100% more effective than the use of poison alone. 
We have over 18 years of experience in the pest control industry and we deal with all types of pests: insects like wasps, clothes moths, fleas and bed bugs, rodent's like rats, mice and squirrels and we provide a bird control service where we install physical deterrents that prevent pigeons from roosting on your property and we carryout mole catching based on a no catch no fee basis. 
Our technicians are qualified in the role and we are members of two schemes - CRRU (the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) and BASIS which is a Government backed organisation that aims to improve levels of service throughout the industry through professional development. 
Rat feeding at night

Effective rat control across Maidenhead 

We carryout treatments for rats both inside and outside of the property, as we discover most of our rat problems inside homes and businesses stem from hidden problems underground in the drainage system, we carryout camera drain surveys as part of our standard treatment. 
In all about 80% of our cases are resolved when we find its a drainage fault, either from the foul system or sometimes the surface water system, the most important answer we can ever give our customers is:  
"We know exactly where the rats are getting in and we can stop them." 
If this is the type of service you want give us a call. 
Rat in rubbish

Poison free rat control in Maidenhead 

The standard 'straight to the use of poison' approach used by many pest control companies is a short cut to no-where and one that we won't take, if you've got rats in your property then the most important aspect of the treatment is to understand how and where they're getting in.  
If the problem is resolved purely through the use of rodenticide then at some time in the future the rats will be back and you find yourself trapped in an endless cycle of rats - poison - more rats.  
Here at Henley Pest Control we aim to find out the source of the infestation, seal that opening, trap out the remaining rats and leave you - rat free. 
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