Rodent control in Caversham and Reading from a local company 

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Here at Henley Pest Control we have the solution to your rat, mouse and squirrel problem in Caversham and Reading; we are a local family run company that specialise in all forms of rodent control - eradicating a rat infestation is our job! We work on a basis called Integrated Pest Management and unlike many other pest controllers we don't use poison as our first and only means of dealing with your problem - we look to trap the animals and physically remove them from your property. 
During the trapping process we will try to use the animals to point us to the place of entry, once we know how they are getting into the building we can come up with a solution to securing that entrance point and keep you vermin free. With over 18 years of experience in the pest control industry we look further than our competitors carrying out CCTV drain surveys as part of our investigation into the problem. 
We are qualified in the role and hold qualifications from the Royal Society of Public Health in Pest Management, along with that we are members of two important schemes - we are accredited to CRRU (the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) and members of BASIS which is a Government backed organisation that aims to improve levels of service throughout the industry through professional development. 
Two rats peeking out

Effective rat control in Caversham and Reading 

We eradicate rats both oustide and from the inside of properties all over Caversham and Reading and we found that about 80% of our cases are from a drainage fault, this fact has led us to include free drain surveys in our rat treatments. 
Our aim is to find out how the rats get into your property and stop them, for us the most important part of the job is to provide you with the answer to the question: 
"Where are the rats getting in?" 
Once we know that we'll get you rat free. 

Poison free mouse control in Caversham and Reading 

We never adopt a 'straight to the use of poison' approach when dealing with any rodents, this way of dealing with a pest when you don't know the access point is a short cut to no-where.  
Our aim is to find out the source of the infestation, seal the opening up and then trap out the remaining animals leaving you pest free. 
The use of poison should be considered the last chance and only done if or when trapping fails; poisoned rodents will die in your home meaning horrible smells, flies and maggots. This is something we want to avoid at all costs. 
Squirrel in a tree

Professional squirrel control in Caversham and Reading 

Squirrels have two breeding seasons and they can be a real problem where houses border open areas and tree's, our approach to controlling squirrels is one based on IPM. 
We trap the animals then look to see what proofing we can do to the property, if possible we will cut back tree's and branches to remove the arboreal route the animals use to gain access to the building as part of our treatment package. 
With all rodents we want to get you pest free and for you to stay that way, if you want a pest control company that works for you in a professional manner and looks to actually solve your problem rather than a quick in and out then give us a call. 
"Our customers are our priority" 
Do you want professional help to get rid of your rats? 
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