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The grey squirrel is a native animal of north America, bought to the UK by the Victorians who endlessly dabbled in 'improving' the countryside, Himalayan balsam, rhododendron and Japanese knotweed are all examples of how a good idea can go wrong, and things went wrong when they introduced the grey squirrel. 
It carries a virus known as squirrel pox which has little effect to the greys but devastating to the native red squirrel, combined with a lack of competition for food and with few predators the grey squirrel population is prolific and a well known pest. Squirrels will destroy young tree's by eating the soft bark, they predate song birds eating egg's and chicks and they will gnaw through the fascia of a house to nest in your loft. 
When they get into the loft they will start building themselves a nest by shredding up the insulation and rolling it into a giant ball, they will occasionally rip up items stored in the loft to line the inside: books, soft furnishings and clothing have all been seen ripped to pieces. 

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We do not use poison in the treatment of squirrels 
Our approach to all rodents whether they be squirrels, mice or rats is to start with humane approved traps: the use of poison or rodenticide as we call it should only ever be considered as a last resort. 
Poisoned squirrels will die just about anywhere; its bad enough that raptors eat the carcass but as squirrels will store a lot of fat over winter, a dead one in the loft is something that you'll definitely want to avoid! 
With potentially dozens of these animals around the property we trap and cull them back, afterwards we will seal the entrance point to prevent birds from using it and in turn - attracting more squirrels. 
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With two breeding seasons in a year, squirrel populations can quickly grow so pressure for nest sites can be intense as the female will build herself a territory whilst male squirrels will roam freely. 
The mother may accept some of her daughters to over winter with her within her territory and a sure sign of squirrels in your loft will be noise and sightings of squirrels running to and from your home on rooftops and the tops of fences.  
Like rats, squirrels will urinate and defecate in your loft causing more damage to any stored goods - if you have a problem with squirrels then call out a professional company to deal with it. 
Classed as vermin it is illegal to release a live caught squirrel and the experience of being caged would cause it unnecessary suffering through stress - we use approved traps for a clean kill. 
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