Professional wasp and hornet control for Henley from a local company 

Effective control of wasps and hornets throughout Henley on Thames and the surrounding area 

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Do you have a problem with wasps? 
Wasps and hornets emerge from hibernation around Easter, they begin building their nests and for many people they remain hidden until June and July. 
Rapidly increasing numbers become noticeable and soon become a menace: hornets hunt at night and are attracted to lights so these insects enter through open windows. Much larger than wasps, hornets make a loud buzzing sound and their presence can be alarming. 
Wasp numbers can easily reach into the thousands; their constant toing and froing means that outdoor areas like patios soon become inhabitable due to the fear of getting stung. 
We have the solution at hand. 
Here at Henley Pest Control we aim to get a technician out to you within 24 hours, our staff are all trained and we have a range of options for dealing with your wasp nest. 
Equipped with the correct PPE, we provide a professional wasp nest treatment that is guaranteed, whats more, as we aim to deliver the highest standards in pest control we charge one price. 
If we encounter a second, third or even more wasps nests on your property, we don't charge you any more those treatments - these are included in the initial price. 
Our customers are our priority. 
Inside a wasp nest

Wasp nest removal in Henley – 7 days a week 

We treat wasps and hornets in Henley on Thames seven days a week, in late summer wasps become a real menace and they prevent people from enjoying their gardens and so we offer this service. 
All our wasp and hornet treatments are backed with a 100% guarantee – our customers are our priority. 
Professional control of wasps or hornets in Henley. 
Don’t delay phone us on 01491 902028 and we can arrange a treatment for you
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