Wasp nest removal in Shiplake from a local company 

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Do you have a problem with wasps or hornets and need a nest removal service in Shiplake? 

Henley Pest Control is a local family run pest control business and we provide an efficient wasp nest removal treatment across the Shiplake and Henley area. 
In addition we guarantee that all our wasp nest treatments will work and we offer a service where we don’t add on additional charges should we discover another wasp nest at your property at the same time – these are included in our guarantee as well. 
We will have one of our pest control technicians to your property at a time to suit yourself and we aim for a same day wasp nest removal service in Wokingham. 

Wasp and Hornet Control in Shiplake 

How we carryout the wasp treatments in Shiplake 

We have two different ways in which we can eradicate a wasp or hornets’ nest for you and the application will be based on access to the nest. 

Wasp Nest Treatment 

When the wasp nest is visible our technician, we arrange to remove the nest after the treatment; a bag is placed beneath the nest and a powerful, long lasting insecticide is pumped into the interior of the nest. This kills the wasps in less than ten minutes and so we will remove the remains for you; you will continue to wasps returning to the property but without their nest they will disperse. 

Void Wasp Nest Treatment 

Alternatively, when the wasp nest has been built inside a void like a cavity wall and there is no access for our technician, we will still apply the powder but this remains in place. The advantage of this over the wasp nest removal treatment is that those wasps flying back to the nest will come into contact with the powder as well, eliminating the entire wasp colony. 

Wasp traps 

If a chemical application isn’t possible because the problem is a nearby nest on an adjacent property and wasps bothering you when you’re outside we can install hanging wasp traps. These can be used in conjunction with the two previous treatments and are an ideal way to keep wasps at bay during the summer. The traps are non-toxic and lure the insects in, you hang these traps up and then throw them away at the end of the summer. 

Same Day Wasp and Hornet Control in Shiplake 

All of our technicians are full time pest control professionals, the advantage of using a company like Henley Pest Control is for one, we give you a guarantee and we mean it.  
We’re proud of our reputation and we go the extra mile when delivering pest control services across the region. Secondly, they all hold qualifications from the Royal Society of Public Health and we are fully insured.  
Our aim is to work safely and create a safer, pest free environment for our customers. 
FAQ's on Wasps 

Q. Are wasps and hornets aggressive? 

A: Only female wasps are able to sting and they will only do so when provoked. However, if you get too close to a wasp nest, you will almost certainly be investigated by the guard wasps and likely to get stung as a result. When the wasp stings it will release a pheromone that signals to the other wasps to attack immediately! This is what will have happened when you hear of people being chased for hundreds of meters by a swarm of wasps! 

Q. How many wasps will live in a nest? 

A: This largely depends on the size of the wasp nest and the species; there are 9 different types of wasps and hornets in the UK that build nests. The Common wasp and the European wasp have the largest size colonies. Some wasp nest's will be home to as many as 10,000 individuals by the end of the summer. Such large nests, however, are uncommon, with the average nest wasp nest usually housing around 4000 to 6000 wasps in the summer. 

Q. Can wasps build their nests in the ground? 

A: Yes, wasp will build nests in the ground, a queen wasp will often enter mouse holes or mole tunnels looking for a suitable site to build her nest. Wasp nests in the ground can catch gardeners unaware and they are regularly trodden on. The same goes for wall cavities, openings behind wooden sleepers, and any other area that is large enough to sustain a large wasp colony. 

Q. Does the wasp nest need to be removed? 

A: No. Wasp's nest doesn't have to be removed after treatment if it is inaccessible or too dangerous to remove. It is however advised that if a wasp nest is visible and safely accessed that it is removed, there are other risks associated with leaving a wasp nest in place after treatment. If the wasps’ nest is very large it can cause a smell when decomposing, wasp nests can leak fluid which can stain walls or ceilings and the wasps’ nest can also provide a food source for many other insect pests. So, it isn't essential, but it is advised. 

Shiplake Wasp Nest Removal 

We are proud of our reputation and want every customer of ours to be totally satisfied with our service; professional, affordable, reliable pest control services. 
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