Professional wasp and hornet control in Wargrave from a local company 

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Effective control of wasps and hornets throughout the Wargrave area from Henley Pest Control 

Do you have a problem with wasps? 
Wasps and hornets emerge from hibernation all over the Wargrave area around Easter, they begin building their nests and for many people they remain hidden until sometime in June or July. 
Rapidly increasing numbers, they soon become noticeable and become a menace: hornets hunt at night and are attracted to lights so these insects enter through open windows. Much larger than wasps, hornets make a loud buzzing sound and their presence can be alarming. 
Wasp numbers can easily reach into the thousands; their constant toing and froing means that outdoor areas like patios soon become inhabitable due to the fear of getting stung. 
We have the solution at hand. 
Here at Henley Pest Control we aim to get a technician out to you within 24 hours from your call, our staff are all fully trained and we have a range of options for dealing with your wasp nest. 
Equipped with the correct PPE, we provide a professional wasp nest treatment that is guaranteed, whats more, as we aim to deliver the highest standards in pest control we charge a set price. 
If we encounter a second, or third wasp nest on your property, we don't charge you any more for carrying out those treatments - these are included in the initial price. 
Our customers are our priority. 
wasps in a nest
wasp nest in a bush

Complete wasp nest removal service throughout Wargrave and the surrounding areas 

We provide a wasp nest removal service throughout Henley and the surrounding areas and there are three ways in which we can deal with your wasps problem. 

Total wasp nest removal 

When a wasp nest is within physical reach of our technician, they will place a bag below it and inject an insecticide powder directly into the center of the nest. When it is safe to approach, they will place the nest inside the bag and take it away from your home. All the wasps that are inside the nest will die within that time and if there are any stragglers coming back to the site, without the Queen wasp giving off a pheromone they have no instructions to defend the nest and so pose little hazard. 

Wasp nest treatment inside a void 

A common scenario is where the wasps have built their nest in a place that has no access, usually someplace deep inside a cavity wall. Again, we follow a similar process and the powder is injected directly into this void. The powder will be carried back to the nest by the wasps themselves, as the insecticide is extremely powerful it will kill all the wasps inside including those workers that are out hunting for insects when they return to the nest. In these situations we expect activity to finally cease after just a few hours.. 

Liquid wasp nest treatment 

If we discover a large wasp nest inside a larger void like inside a loft or a garden shed. We have the third option of using a powerful insecticidal liquid which is sprayed all over the nest.  
This chemical is so strong it kills the wasps within just a few seconds and because the nest soaks up the liquid we leave this in place as returning wasps touch the wet surface and die. 
wasps building their nest
two hornets drinking water
Inside a wasp nest

Effective wasp nest removal service in Wargrave – 7 days a week 

We carryout wasp and hornet treatments in Wargrave seven days a week, in late summer wasps become a real menace and they prevent people from enjoying their gardens and so we offer this service to help keep our customers 100% pest free. 
No wasps

Professional wasp and hornet nest removal in Wargrave 

When you have discovered a wasp or hornets nest in your home of garden, you want a quick and professional response to the problem - at Henley Pest Control our technicians are full time professionals in the industry so you can be sure that the service you get is safe and correct. 
Our technicians are aware of the latest changes to the regulations on the use of insecticides and new requirements in their use, they are also fully trained and covered by insurance for your peace of mind. If you have a problem with wasps in Wargrave then give us a call and leave it to the experts. 
two german wasps
wasp sat on a finger
wasp stinging
wasp on a drinks can

Local, ethical wasp control for Wargrave 

We are an ethical pest control company and whenever possible we will not kill species of bee's; we have put together two guides to help people identify whether or not the insects they have are bee's or wasps. 
A common problem is when a honeybee colony swarms and people encounter a large group of bees hanging from a bush or attached to a fence. Honeybees swarm for different reasons and when this happens the colony eats as much of the honey as they can, because they're full of honey they become very sleepy and docile and will rest while the scouting bees try to find a new nest site. 
If you discover a honeybee swarm, contact the British BeeKeeping Association by using the button below; a local beekeeper will come out to collect the swarm without charge. 
close up of a honeybee
All our wasp and hornet treatments are backed with a 100% guarantee – our customers are our priority. 
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