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Have you had a pest problem with mice getting into the garage or maybe its rats up in the loft? 
Do you have an old garden shed that’s had its day and just become a home for the local rats? 
Have pigeons taken up residence on your balcony and left you a great big mess to clear up? 
If you’ve ever had a pest problem then your going to be aware of the mess these creatures leave behind and cleaning up all the droppings and the contaminated material can be daunting to do yourself. Well, here at Henley Pest Control we offer a cleaning and removal service for after the infestation. 
Mice will deposit feaces between 40 and 60 times a day and with rats it’s a little less around 40 times a day, but that’s still a lot of mess. Multiple that with the average UK rat infestation of around five rats inside the average property and you could be facing over 200 droppings a day and this quickly leads to a serious amount of mess. 
All the rodent species: rats, mice and squirrels will end up in the loft of a property, accessing this area via the cavity wall and where waste pipes are internally trunked, the insulation absorbs both the feaces and the urine from the animals and can become a toxic damp mass. 
We can remove this old insulation, taking out the droppings as we go and any contaminated goods that you want removed as well. We will then clean the loft, vacuuming and spraying biocide to kill any lingering bacteria and viruses and finishing the job by installing fresh, clean insulation. 
We also take down old worn out sheds that house more rats than garden tools, clearing out any waste material and even cutting back vegetation as we go to get rid of a rat infested garden and return it to you for YOUR use. 
Wherever pigeons roost there’s going to be a mess and this is a toxic sludge consisting of feathers, guano or bird droppings and even dead birds; this mass of organic material contains harmful fungus, viruses and bacteria which can all be passed onto us and so its vital this mess is cleaned up by properly trained and protected personnel. 
We are licensed waste carriers and so we ensure that all our rubbish is taken to approved waste management centers and we pay for the tipping at those sites meaning that we can show proof of disposal. We are required to keep waste transfer documentation and we will provide copies for your records if you require.  
We provide a service for both domestic customers where the problem is limited to a simple loft clean to commercial customers that require a larger service and as pest controllers experienced with all of these pests we can help you to stay pest free through bird proofing measures and rodent monitoring contracts. 
Henley Pest Control 
Ring us for a no obligation quote for a solution to your waste management or post pest cleaning problems. 
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